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Abu Nasr abu-nasr at SPAMusa.net
Sun Oct 15 10:20:25 MDT 2000

Dear Chris, and all!

This was very interesting, I mean particularly about how the reality of
Palestine was "revealed".  That kind of thing can really revolutionize
people's thinking, just one person taking it upon himself to explain.

You're right there is a difference between Jew and Zionist and it should be
noted, particularly in a western context where the situation is virtually
unknown by most of the audience.  But I've gone into that in other posts.

I just wanted to say that there still are leftwingers among the Palestinians,
such as the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.  It may have its
defects, but does advocate socialism as the strategic goal.  So, not all
Palestinian leaders are against socialism.

Also, a secular democratic state has been the aim of the Palestine revolution
(PLO) since the national charter was promulgated back in the 1960s.  That
includes Fateh as well as the avowedly Marxist PFLP and DFLP and others.  So
the official Palestinian position has never been exclusivist like that of the

Hamas (not a part of the PLO) might be different with its religious
perspective, but even they would probably allow for Jews to exist as a
community in an Islamic Palestine, the way Jews have existed throughout the
Islamic world for centuries with no persecution, often enjoying positions of
influence.  Of course that's not my ideal -- I'm with you and for socialism --
but even it's not the same as the Zionist goal of a "Jewish Israel" and ethnic
cleansing for everybody else.

You've also hit on something very interesting when you pointed out how the
religious right in the US sides with the Zionists even against the 10-15
percent of the Palestinians who are Christians.  That is amazing, but also
revealing of the fact that imperialist interests are what guide the right wing
religious people, far more than "religious values."  Of course they're the
propaganda about fulfillment of Biblical prophecy that the Zionists encourage,
making direct appeals to the fundamentalist Christians, (Jimmy Carter even
echoed this mystic nonsense in the book he published while running for
president) but still, there's an interesting racist, imperialist perspective
that seems to underly the Christian rightwing in the US that overrides any
feelings of solidarity with the Arab Christians of Palestine.

With revolutionary greetings!

Abu Nasr

Chris Brady <chris_brady at earthling.net> wrote:
I think the notion of making a distinction between "Jew" and "Zionist"
is important, especially in the USA.  Understandably it is not so
urgent in the midst of organizing formations and actions Palestine.
But the impact (=word carefully chosen) of the USA on Palestine is not
insignificant. The propaganda of the Zionist cause has been amazingly
effective in the imperialist states.

Ordinary working class people have very little education about what
goes on in the world.  For example, few Americans know how the Zionist
state excludes Palestinian Christians, that is Armenians, Maronites,
Eastern and Greek Orthodox, etc., as well as all Palestinian Muslims,
i.e., Sunni and Shi'a.  You might think that the right-wing
fundamentalist Christians who have such influence in US politics
would show some solidarity with their brethren, but the Christians
in the Mid East do not fill the collection plates in the Mid West.
As we used to say back in my days as a carpenter and bartender,
"Money talks, and bullshit walks."

Speaking of which, I can remember myself being remonstrasted as a
young man in the Seventies on Columbus Avenue in the little bar
where I worked.  I had made a remark, only in passing, for the purpose
of some lame joke as I recall, about Israel being a victim of Arab
intransigence. Most humor of the sort is looslely based on common
understandings, but that is another topic.  The young black guy I was
bantering with was a regular, a guy my age.  Usually a softspoken
fellow, with a good sense of humor, he stopped me short and told me
I knew nothing about the situation.

I was taken aback. A verbal shot like "You don't know what you're
talking about" in such an environment can be taken as a challenge,
but he patiently explained that Israel was the last European colony
of the Twentieth Century.  He told me about a people who had been
violently expelled from their own homes and asked me if I would accept
such circumstances.  Think of your mother, your family, he advised.
Would you be true to them?  Would you be "intransigent?"

This had quite an effect on my thinking.  I remember it to this day.
It helped direct a new interpretation of world events for me, and
to a critical appraisal of the US media, and propaganda.
Do not think the propaganda war is pointless.
But it also made me realize, as have other incidents before and since,
of the importance of asserting the facts.  The fact is not all Jews
are Zionists.  From what I have learned of the twentieth century in
Palestine, I can conceive of no other solution but the creation of a
secular socialist state there.  Eventually the majority of the people
there will have to accept and welcome that idea to make it a fact.
That includes the Jews.

Show that there is a difference between Jews and Zionists.
Learn the lessons of the conquerors: divide and rule.
Allies unite.
Again it comes down to the essential unification spoken
of by Karl and Fred at the end of the Communist Manifesto.
The working class Jews of Israel have to realize that their
families are put in harm's way by a capitalist state that exists
for and by war.  They have to see that their allies for peace
are the very people that the Zionist state vilifies as their
eternal enemies: the working class of Palestine.

But I suspect the leaders of the Palestinians are just as committed
as the leaders of the Zionists and of the USA against socialism as
it is against their better interests.

Chris Brady

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