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Ra'ed Ya'coub Hammoudeh, 30 years old, from Al
Bireh, married with two children, died today as a
result of injuries sustained 4 days ago. Ra'ed
was shot in the head with live ammunition and
remained in critical condition for four days
until his death today.  He will be burried
tomorrow morning in Al Bireh.

Clashes erupted this afternoon in a number of
cities in the West Bank and Gaza following mass
protest rallies against Israeli aggression and
the severe restrictions placed on all Palestinian
areas during the past week.  The majority of
Palestinian villages and cities within the West
Bank and Gaza remain under an internal closure
for the fourth consecutive day, prohibiting
thousands of Palestinians from reaching their
place of work and children from reaching their

A strict Israeli imposed curfew has been placed
on the city of Huwarra near Nablus.  Jenin has
been declared a closed military zone by the
Israeli authorities.  The Israeli controlled
areas of Hebron remain under Isreali-imposed
curfew for the 16th consecutive day.

Armed confrontations took place for two hours
late this evening in the village of Arraba, Jenin
after under cover Israeli units were discovered
in the village, following which Israeli military
patrols attempted to enter the area.  No injuries
have been reported.

Clahes took place this afternoon near Rachel's
Tomb and Al Khader in Bethlehem, with at least 10
injuries reported, 2 of which are from live
ammunition.  Clashes also took place near
Kalandia refugee camp this afternoon.  It is not
know if any injuries were sustained.

Following mass protest rallies in Ramallah,
clashes erupted on the northern entrance of the
city.  At least 4 injuries from live ammunition
have been reported thus far.  Ramallah Hospital
reported today that Nasser Abdel Haleq, from
Jenin and Jamal Awwad, who was attacked and
severly beaten by Israeli settlers while driving
his car on the outskirts of Ramallah earlier this
week, have been transfered to hospitals in Jordan
for immediate medical treatment.  They have been
in critical condition for the past week.

The Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful
Movement, an extremist Jewish group committed to
destroying the Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock
at the Haram al-Sharif in Jerusalem, has
announced its intention to march on the Haram on
Monday and lay the cornerstone for a Third Jewish
Temple tomorrow morning, 16 October at 9:00am.
Following this, religious ceremonies are planned
to take place in the area of Silwan, an
unprecedented and provocative action as these
ceremonies are normally held outside of East

In their statement, the Temple Mount Faithful
state that "the event has the approval of the
Israeli authorities and will be protected by the
Israeli security forces."  Israeli evening news
reported this evening that Israeli Police have
stated that the group does not have a permit for
the activity.  (Full text of the announcement and
an appeal to protest this action can be found at

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