Anti-Semitic Zionists

Julio Pino jpino at
Sun Oct 15 12:17:13 MDT 2000

Chris: I want to pass on a story Ed Koch loves to tell. In 1980 Jimmy
Carter's advisors told Mayor Koch he better work harder to help re-elect
Carter, "...otherwise, Jesse Helms will run US foreign policy in the
Mideast. Do you want to see that happen?"
Koch replied: "No, YOU don't understand; Jesse Helms hates Jews, but he
loves Israel."
Julio Cesar

At 12:23 AM 10/15/00 -0700, you wrote:
>I think the notion of making a distinction between "Jew" and "Zionist"
>is important, especially in the USA.  Understandably it is not so
>urgent in the midst of organizing formations and actions Palestine.
>But the impact (=word carefully chosen) of the USA on Palestine is not
>insignificant. The propaganda of the Zionist cause has been amazingly
>effective in the imperialist states.

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