A peeved Mike Karadjis responds to LP's attack on his GLW article

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Sun Oct 15 18:49:52 MDT 2000

Mike Karadjis asked me to post this reply to the list in response to
Louis Proyect's attack on his article in GLW.

-- Norm


Louis Project, Jared Israel, Le Pen and the Grand Wizard of the KKK ride
into battle together for the last crusade on behalf of the holiest

The Serbian nationalist propaganda about its "historic mission" to
defend "European civilisation" against "Islamic terrorism" was a key
ideological reason for the anti-NATO and pro-Milosevic positions of the
international ultra-right, which were as unanimous as the pro-war
positions of international social democracy. This underlines the
importance of the stance from which the left opposed the war.

In France, the National Front of Le Pen openly supported Milosevic,
leader Bruno Megret accusing Chirac and Jospin of being "President
Clinton’s lapdogs". The National Front had long been the major
European ally of Serbian nationalism, no doubt envious of its ability
to murder and expel Moslems in such large numbers. In January 1997, Le
Pen visited Vojislav Seselj in Belgrade and the Karadzic leadership
in Republika Srpska, declaring, "I have come to express to you the
greetings of French patriots. All the patriots of the world have in
a set of identical values which make us all a community of civilised men
and women". In 1998, Seselj, as Serbian deputy prime minister, made
Le Pen an honorary citizen of a Belgrade municipality.

In Italy, the neo-fascist National Alliance is a strategic ally of the
Milosevic regime, due to what it sees as Italian nationalism’s
historic alliance with Serbian nationalism against Croatia, due to its
advocacy of the reconquest of the Istria region for Italy. It saw the
war as a US attack on Europe. The right-wing, separatist Northern League
also came out in favour of Serbia against the NATO action.

Even in Germany, which does not have the same "historic" ties to Serbia
that French and Italian ultra-rightists base their case on, "There are
also German fascists on the demonstration with the slogan ‘Foreign
troops out of Germany, German troops out of the
Balkans!’ and ‘No German blood for foreign
interests.’" The Norwegian anti-fascist Monitor reported that
across Europe were supporting Belgrade and calling for volunteers,
because they see the Moslems as "a threat to Europe".

The Australian National Action, denouncing "New World order terrorism",
declared, "The Australian people are not being told about Serbia's
history as a bulwark of Europe against Asia, of Christianity against
Islam ... that Serbia was a friend of Australia in two
world wars." In Spearhead, associated with the British National Party,
we read that Albanians "moved in" to Kosova and began a "war of
demographics" just as Irish Catholics are doing in northern Ireland!
"But Britain, unlike Serbia, does not have a government with backbone
… It is of course quite natural that a political class which
favours British surrender in Northern Ireland would not be able to
Serbian leaders’ unwillingness to surrender in Kosovo".

On May 10, South Africa's Boer Resistance Movement offered to send
troops to help defend Yugoslavia against NATO. "We want
to help the Serbians because they are nationalists and Christians like
us", said leader Andrew Ford. He said the force would be made up of
white former South African Defence Force members and police.

In the US, the right wing of the Republican Party, led by the Senate
Republican Policy Committee, is connected to pro-Serbian,
neo-Confederate, anti-immigration and other ultra-rightist causes. Its
advisers on the Balkans are led by Yossef Bodansky and James Jatras,
leaders of the pro-Karadzic Serb Unity Congress (SUC). Jatras is author
of anti-Moslem articles about "heathen Araby" and the like, and is
connected to the Christian right-wing Rockford Institute, whose platform
is based on opposition to immigration of non-white, non-Christian

The chairperson of the Rockford Institute is David Hartman, who made
clear the paranoid link for the right between what they see as the
occupation of Kosova, "once inhabited only by Serbs", by Albanians, a
"foreign and alien people", and the growing immigration into Texas
of Mexicans, who have now "been allowed to become a majority in what was
once a predominantly Anglo-Celtic state". The Rockford
Institute is tied to DixieNet and the League for the South,
neo-Confederacy groups.

Another leader of the Rockford Institute is Bob Djurdjevic, a Washington
Times columnist and Serb-American ultra-nationalist. According to
Djurdjevic, the US has become a "mutt nation" (full of non-white "mud
people") due to a conspiracy by Wall Street bankers, their
anti-Christian New World Order and lax immigration laws.

Louis Beams, a leader of the Ku Klux Klan, announced he was ready to
fight on behalf of the Serb cause in Kosova, identifying the Serbian
struggle against "Moslem hordes" with his own struggle for a racially
pure USA. In 1389, "77,000 Christian knights and soldiers exacted such
a tremendous toll upon the Islamic soldiers that the advance into the
heart of Europe was halted" according to Beams. William Pierce, leader
of the Christian Identity Movement, came out with a similar position.

The ultra-right John Birch Society and its journal, New American, were
also leaders in the pro-Serbian campaign, for all the same reasons.
According to William Norman Grigg, "The chief beneficiary of the US
military intervention, the so-called KLA, is a terrorist criminal
syndicate, Maoist in its ideological bent, hard-wired into the
international heroin trade, and tightly allied with Osama bin Laden".
Grigg also
warned of the parallel between Albanian demands for an independent
Kosova and those Mexican radicals seeking an independent "Aztlan"
in the US south-west.

by Michael Karadjis

PS, to the person who asked "who is Karadjis? Is he one of the right
wing Croatian nationalists that Ernest Mandel warned you about?"., I
am hardly surprised that people who identify with the racist, chauvinst
politics of Milosevic, Seselj and Karadzic would ask questions about
someone's nationality due to their name.

I might just as well ask "Who is Jared Israel? Some Zionist hack?" given
Ariel Sharon's support for Milosevic and
Jared Israel's openly racist commentary on ethnic-based differences of
temperament between "Serbs" and "Albanians", the latter, after all,
being "fascist and intolerant" by temperament, by history, by culture,
in general, according to J. Israel.

However, I'm somewhat bemused that you chose "Croatian fascist" given
that my surname in fact resembles, unfortunately, the Serbian
fascist just mentioned, who turned the whole of Bosnia into the Killing
Fields for years while western imperialism imposed an arms embargo
on the Bosnian defenders.

For your information, my background is Greek, and while living there,
being a socialist, I naturally opposed the reactionary greek
national-chauvinism of the Greek ruling class, one of which's main
ideological props is precisely support for Serbian nationalism, of "our
Orthodox brothers" against "Moslem, Turkish hordes," while Greek capital
penetrates "socialist" Serbia and the rest of the Balkans. Good
jobs for the likes of Israel and Project can be found in the Greek
Interior Ministry, where they could put their anti-Islamic fanatacism

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