A peeved Mike Karadjis responds to LP's attack on his GLW article

Louis Proyect lnp3 at SPAMpanix.com
Sun Oct 15 19:01:46 MDT 2000

Democratic Centralist Socialist Party of Australia:
>Louis Project, Jared Israel, Le Pen and the Grand Wizard of the KKK ride
>into battle together for the last crusade on behalf of the holiest

Vas ist dis. I am a nice Jewish boy. I never would go near no klansman.

>The Serbian nationalist propaganda about its "historic mission" to
>defend "European civilisation" against "Islamic terrorism" was a key
>ideological reason for the anti-NATO and pro-Milosevic positions of the
>international ultra-right, which were as unanimous as the pro-war
>positions of international social democracy. This underlines the
>importance of the stance from which the left opposed the war.

Of course. The ultraright opposed the war verbally, while the Greens,
social democrats and tarnished American liberals prosecuted it. This is the
milieu you are oriented to. You can keep it.

>The ultra-right John Birch Society and its journal, New American, were
>also leaders in the pro-Serbian campaign, for all the same reasons.

What toxic stupidity. The opposition to the war was led by Workers World
Party and independent Marxists like Diana Johnstone, Jared Israel and
Michel Chussodovsky. Is there anybody in the Democratic Centralist
Socialist Party of Australia that is familiar with Marxist political
economy? Who has read Lenin's "Imperialism, the Latest Stage of
Imperialism"? You people are awash in the liberal discourse of George
Soros's NGO's and seem helplessly lost to me. I will say Kaddish for you.

Louis Proyect
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