IRSP Decry Slaughter of the Palestinians

Danielle Ni Dhighe morrigan at
Sun Oct 15 22:09:43 MDT 2000

13 October 2000

IRSP Decry Slaughter of the Palestinians

The International Department of the Irish Republican Socialist Party
denounced the continued military assault on Palestinian civilians and
called for an end to the Zionist violence and immediate recognition of a
sovereign State of Palestine.  IRSP International Department spokesperson
Peadar Baile stated:

"During the past two weeks, 87 Palestinians, including two boys only
twelve-years-old, have been murdered by the Zionist army and settlers,
while eight Zionists have died four of them soldiers. These numbers speak
plainly as to who must be labeled the aggressor and who the victims.

"The United States President, while attempting to claim the role of
peace-maker and intermediary, has repeatedly called only upon the
Palestinian people to cease fighting, and yet the Americans are probably
unable to understand why one of their naval vessels in Yemen might have
been targeted for attack. How can the US, Israel's closest ally in the
world and source of a substantial portion of their annual budget, claim to
be a neutral party, capable of facilitating meaningful peace talks. The
actions of the Americans in regard to Palestine are strongly reminiscent of
their posturing as neutral peacemakers in Ireland, despite the close and
long-standing alliance between the US and Britain and the continued
harassment of Irish republicans and republican socialists seeking asylum in

"The rest of the world cannot be so easily mislead, however. What has been
made horrifyingly clear once again, during the course of the past two
weeks, is that the Zionists and their American allies have been attempting
not a peace process, but a pacification process. They have pursued a crude
attempt to bring the heroic Palestinian people to their knees by stealth,
if possible, by wholesale murder, if necessary.

"The IRSP stand, as always, with the oppressed, with those fighting
exploitation and repression by imperialism. In this instance, that is
clearly the Palestinian people, whose land was stolen; whose people were
displaced, jailed, and murdered; but whose spirit has not been broken."

Supporting the Palestinian's long battle for statehood, the IRSP
spokesperson concluded:

"The only way forward and out of this renewed cycle of spiraling violence
is for the immediate end of Israeli military assault on the Palestinians,
recognition of a sovereign nation of Palestine, and immediate withdrawal
from the West Bank and Gaza of all Zionist settlers and Israeli military
forces. Israel should stand condemned for this recent carnage, as well as
for their legacy of dishonest dealings with the Palestinians over the peace
negotiations and the many crimes and abuses of the Palestinian people upon
whose land and with whose labour they have so long prospered. Further, the
United States should end their meddling in the affairs of other nations and
turn their attention to their own problems of soaring prison populations,
declining educational performance, and ever expanding polarisation between
the privileged rich and the forsaken poor."


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