The Palestinians and anti-Zionist Jews

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Sun Oct 15 19:36:45 MDT 2000

At 11:06 AM 10/15/2000 , Julio Pino wrote:
 >Palestinian Resistance to try enlist their support is a minor, and probably
 >fruitless, pursuit right now.How succesful was Sein Feinn at enlisting
 >Protestant support?

Not very.  Then again, SF is now in the business of administering British
rule while it's armed wing assassinates Republicans who reject the
imperialist peace process.  I would thus hope SF and the IRA aren't taken
as models for the Palestinian resistance.

 >3. Have you ever read the Covenant of HAMAS? It calls for the establishment
 >of an "Islamic Republic of Palestine." No secular Palestine

Which is why I tend to be a very critical supporter, in that I support
their right to fight for national liberation, but I just don't see a
bourgeois religious state as truly liberated.

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