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Mon Oct 16 00:23:15 MDT 2000

At 10:10 PM 10/15/2000 , Philip Ferguson wrote:
 >Actually, as a former Sinn Feiner, and one totally opposed to the current
 >course of the republican leadership, I'd be quite interested in hearing
 >what the IRSP is up to these days.  Maybe Danielle or any other IRSPers
 >lurking on the list would like to post some info on what the IRSP is these
 >days, how it has moved beyond the fairly monstrous internal feuds of the
 >80s, and how it sees the way forward in Ireland.

Certainly.  I attended our recent Ard-Fheis in Belfast a few weeks
ago.  I'll post a transcript of a speech given there by the party's
political secretary.  I think he did a good job of critically examining
where we're come from and where we're going to.  While we're anti-GFA,
we're the only anti-GFA Republican party who isn't advocating a return to
armed struggle at this time.  We've moved away from militarism and returned
to the basics of Marxist socialism.

Here's the text of a motion passed at the Ard-Fheis:

"This Ard-Fheis affirms:

a) That the IRSP is a revolutionary Marxist organisation, and that by this
we mean that the IRSP believes:

b) Class conflict is the motive force in human history;

c) The IRSP stands unreservedly and exclusively for the interests of the
working class against all others;

d) Only the creation of a 32-county Irish socialist republic can provide
the means by which Irish national liberation can be realised;

e) That there can be no socialism without national liberation in Ireland,
nor can there be national liberation without socialism;

f) That there is no parliamentary road to socialism, because socialism
cannot be forged by seizing the bourgeois State apparatus; nor is there a
guerilla road to socialism, because a social revolution requires the active
participation of the masses; and therefore that a socialist republic can
only be established through the mass revolutionary action of the working
class in the political, economic, and social spheres;

g) That socialism means the ownership of the means of production,
distribution, and exchange collectively by the entire working class, with
an end to wage labour, an end to production for profit and its replacement
by a system of production based on human need; and

h) That socialism must be administered democratically by the working class
itself, recognising the class dictatorship of the workers, because the vast
majority of society is formed by that class.  This does not suggest the
need for a political dictatorship of a single party.  Rather it calls out
for a class dictatorship, administered through new working class
institutions created to permit the greatest degree of political freedom for
all working class people."

Danielle Ni Dhighe
Puget Sound Chapter, Irish Republican Socialist Committees of North America
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