Mike Karadjis and the DSP reply to Louis P

Philip Ferguson plf13 at SPAMit.canterbury.ac.nz
Sun Oct 15 22:51:44 MDT 2000

First, a small note.  Mike K continually refers to Louis as Louis Project.
If there is a Louis Project, I suggest we be told what it is!

But the thing I found amazing about Karadjis' attempt to link any left-wing
defence of Serbia with the ultraright is that none of the rightist
individuals and groups Karadjis mentions *has any power*.

While it's always interesting to see what the ultraright are up to, these
are not the people who call the shots and decide what the interests of
Western imperialism are.  While Karadjis appears fixated on what some
dipstick in an irrelevant, nostalgic South African racist group thinks,
Marxism should be teaching us to keep our eyes on *the ruling classes* in
the West.

*They*, rather than some fascist cranks, represent the *interests of
capital*.  *They* determine Western policy.  And it is *they* that we need
to focus on and expose and oppose.

Look, in the 1930s Trotsky said he'd side with what he called 'fascist'
Brazil against democratic England, because one was a third world country
and the other an imperialist power.  And he was right.  (I'm not arguing
here that Brazil was or was not fascist, merely making the point that even
if Brazil had've been fascist Trotsky was still on its side).  So, if some
right-wing nuts side with Serbia, that's not going to make me change my
mind about defending Serbia from Western imperialist attack.

I would, however, worry if I was on the same side as the *entire Western
ruling classes, NATO, the IMF, the World Bank et al*.  And if I was
repeating their propaganda.

Lastly, given the links between Germany and Croatia, it is a bit rich for
Karadjis and the DSP to fascist-bait the Serbs and those of us on the left
in the West who believe the Serbs have a right not to be bombed and
massacred and told what to do by the Western powers.

Philip Ferguson

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