Mike Karadjis and the DSP reply to Louis P

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En relación a Re: Mike Karadjis and the DSP reply to Louis P,
el 16 Oct 00, a las 17:52, Philip Ferguson dijo:
> Look, in the 1930s Trotsky said he'd side with what he called
> 'fascist' Brazil against democratic England, because one was a third
> world country and the other an imperialist power.  And he was right.
> (I'm not arguing here that Brazil was or was not fascist, merely
> making the point that even if Brazil had've been fascist Trotsky was
> still on its side).

Well, those years of the Vargas regime were very nasty, indeed. There
was this Filinto Müller, a chief of Police who was basically a
hydrophobic anti-Communist, who sent the wife of Prestes to the
Gestapo, for instance. Later on, he adequately turned coats and upon
discovery of the actual goals of Vargas he became a strong defender
of the West, ending his carreer as a Senator for the ARENA, the
political party of the pro-USA military after the coup.

This makes Trotsky's decission twice as meaningful, because even
though he knew little on Brazil, he knew lots on imperialism, and
this is what counts. Most self-appointed Trotskyists, today, have
gone backwards from that understanding of Trotsky. As the personal
carreer of Filinto Müller shows, the true face of Fascism in the
Third World is ALWAYS imperialist intervention. This is what Trotsky

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