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Mon Oct 16 07:24:15 MDT 2000


You are entirely right.  The imperialism question is being withheld.

That's our job, in becoming part of the movement to make clear that it
affects everything and you can't leave it out.  Nader hits corporate
control of the government, which is such a main issue it leads to
everything else.

Since the movement has to attract everybody, it will be full of people like
Rorty who want to narrow it the THEIR view.  It needs Left support in a big
way, if the Left can only realize the centrality of the democratic vs
corporate control issues and join in it, using reason in arguments and
avoid chopping ateach other on differences within that principled
direction..  The Left can use its principles organizing among the
minorities and Labor to bring those major sectors into the movement.

White youth has more free time and money and is more mobile.  Which doesn't
mean it is necessarily weak and can't understand, just that the
understanding has to take place and the movement is the place for that to
happen.  But we have to be there and work for it.

Ity sounds like a great meeting and, from what you say, progressives have
their work cut out for them.

Thanks and congratulations.

Louis Proyect
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