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Mon Oct 16 07:43:52 MDT 2000


EU aid helped to win propaganda war

Huge sums of European money that were pumped covertly into Serbia's
independent media shortly before last month's election helped to topple
Slobodan Milosevic's regime, Chris Patten said yesterday (Martin Fletcher
writes). More than £350,000 was channelled into newspapers, radio and
television stations to counter pro-Milosevic propaganda in the
state-controlled media, Mr Patten, the European Union's External Affairs
Commissioner, disclosed. "It was a really effective operation," he said.
Officials stretched rules to by-pass the EU's notoriously cumbersome
machinery for dispensing aid. Radomir Diklic, chairman of Serbia's
Association of Private Media, said it gave the 40 newspapers he represents
the money to buy black-market newsprint and run a distribution network.

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