Is the German-Troops-In-Yugoslavia Dispatch Real?

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Is the German-Troops-In-Yugoslavia Dispatch Real?
[Emperor's Clothes]

On 10/12 we posted a dispatch from German "AP" in which German Foreign
Minister Joschka Fischer is quoted as calling for the German Army to
permanently occupy Yugoslavia. Several people have raised the question: are
we sure this dispatch is real? One gentleman wrote:

<< Are they nuts? Is it a fake dispatch? I can see how Bundeswehr would be
"greeted" in Yugoslavia. Joschka probably thinks the rest of Yugoslavia is
like Kosovo. Even kids would shower them with stones. Will SS and Gestapo
follow? The fellow should be locked up in an asylum. >>

We're not competent to judge whether they're nuts, but the dispatch is
authentic. It does indeed come from 'German AP'. Here's what happened and how
we checked the authenticity:

1) A reader in Germany wrote us wondering why no Website critical of NATO had
posted an 'AP' dispatch he'd found on the German language Yahoo Website.
(Some people have written us that "AP doesn't have a German Website." Perhaps
not, but 'AP' does have a German language service which issues dispatches and
Yahoo does post these dispatches on its German language Website.)

The German reader translated part of the dispatch into English.

It was amazing. Could German Foreign Minister Fischer actually have said he
wants to permanently station the German Army in Yugoslavia? Could he, a
leader of the country has been trying to destroy Yugoslavia for a hundred
years, and which committed and supported the worst atrocities in Yugoslavia
during World War II - could he really have said that Yugoslavs need to learn
democratic culture in order to relate to Germany? Was he aware that, when the
Germans set up a puppet regime in Belgrade during World War II and demanded
that the quislings round up the Jews, the quislings refused? Does Fischer
know that the German commander then responded that the Serbs had "low

Could Fischer have actually said these things?

It did not seem unlikely that the German Foreign Ministry would want to
permanently station troops in Yugoslavia. But could Fischer have been so
reckless as to admit it publicly?

None of us at Emperor's Clothes were personally acquainted with the reader
who sent us the email. We decided to investigate thoroughly before posting:

1) First we went to . That's the German Yahoo
site where the reader said he found the article. Scrolling down to the phrase
"Nachrichten suchen" which means "news search" , we typed in "Fischer will
Jugoslawien mit Bundeswehr helfen" (Fischer wants German Army to help
Yugoslavia) We clicked the usual button and were taken to the web address
"" This URL had the right title,
("Fischer will Jugoslawien mit Bundeswehr helfen"), but when we clicked on it
we got the message "Seite nicht gefunden" or "Website not found". So the
article had been there but now it was gone...

Curious. And also curious that the other links on the page worked fine.
(Note: In case the link were to be removed entirely, we have made copies of
the entire web page; if it is still there when you check you might want to do

So now we knew the 'AP' dispatch existed but we couldn't be sure our German
reader had sent us an accurate text. We contacted a writer for Emperor's
Clothes who works for a German outfit that subscribes to 'German AP'. He
found the dispatch. He did an impromptu phone translation. His translation
matched what the German reader had sent us almost word for word and the
meaning was identical. So now we had the actual dispatch, just as it been
sent out by 'German AP'. That dispatch is posted at the end of this article.

Was the Fischer Story Suppressed? And Why?

This 'AP' dispatch is big news.

We subscribe to Lexis Nexis. It allows us to instantly scan thousands of
English language and non-English language newspapers, TV news programs and
wire services (not including 'German AP') We went to Lexis and typed in:
Fischer and Bundeswehr or "German army" and Yugoslavia. There were no
entries. Had no newspaper, TV news program, or wire service in the Western
world picked up this highly newsworthy story?

We called people in Germany. None of them had seen the Fischer story in the
German media.

'AP-Germany' is a self-contained entity but of course it is read by people
from newspapers and news services around the world.

Why hasn't this sensational story been reported?

The only explanation we can think of is: it was suppressed.

Perhaps Fischer revealed a plan he was not supposed to reveal, a plan for
German troops to be sent into Yugoslavia in the event that certain forces
succeed in creating such instability and chaos that "a firm hand is needed."
Perhaps after Fischer blabbed and 'German AP' erred by reporting his speech
there was a hasty effort at damage control. This would explain the dispatch
first being posted at German Yahoo and then apparently being pulled and it
would explain the fact that newspapers and TV stations failed to report
Fischer's remarks.

Taken alongside a slew of highly provocative and destabilizing actions by the
Djindjic and Kostunica forces in Yugoslavia, this statement by Fischer, and
the apparent suppression of the news reporting that he made this statement,
are ominous.

Below is the exact text of the 'German AP' dispatch followed by the English

German Text

The top part of the 'AP' dispatch gives the date and identifies the dispatch
as coming from 'AP'. Following that the comes the category,
"Bundestag/Jugoslawien/Fischer", which means "Parliament/Yugoslavia/Fischer"
and then the headline. The text is the same as the English, which follows.

11.10. 17:29 ap 4


Fischer will Jugoslawien mit Bundeswehr helfen

Utl: Demokratie als Voraussetzung für dauerhaften Frieden

Berlin (AP) Bundesaußenminister Joschka Fischer hat sich am Mittwoch im
Bundestag dafür ausgesprochen, sich in Jugoslawien nicht nur materiell zu
engagieren, sondern dauerhaft mit der Bundeswehr und mit zivilen Kräften vor
Ort zu sein. Es biete sich nun die Chance, eine Demokratie in einem sich
einigenden Europa zu schaffen. Das wiedervereinigte Deutschland habe eine
besondere Verantwortung dazu beizutragen, dass sich die Demokratie in Serbien

Demokratie sei Voraussetzung für einen dauerhaften Frieden auf dem Balkan.

Es sei richtig gewesen, der großserbischen Politik des jugoslawischen
Präsidenten Slobodan Milosevic Einhalt zu gebieten und sich auf Seiten der
demokratischen Opposition zu engagieren, sagte Fischer. Das blutige Morden
auf dem Balkan könne nun ein Ende

haben. Der Stabilitätspakt müsse dafür eingesetzt werden, sich unter anderem
an der Räumung der Donau zu beteiligen. Zudem solle eine demokratische Kultur
aufgebaut werden, um die Beziehungen zwischen Deutschland und Serbien zu
normalisieren. Erste Schritte seien durch die Aufhebung des Öl- und
Flugembargos durch die EU gemacht worden.

So könne Serbien auf dem Weg nach Europa begleitet werden. Nach den Worten
Fischers müssen diejenigen zur Rechenschaft gezogen werden, die schwerste
Schuld auf sich geladen haben. Vorrang habe zunächst jedoch, dass die
demokratischen Veränderungen friedlich durchgesetzt würden und sich
Gerechtigkeit durchsetze. Der westliche Balkan sei Teil einer europäischen



111728 okt 00

English translation

Fischer wants German Army to help Yugoslavia.

(Berlin), AP, Oct. 11, 2000

German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer, addressing Parliament on Wednesday,
expressed his opinion that Germany should not only provide material help to
Yugoslavia but that the Bundeswehr [the German Army] and non-military
organizations should establish a permanent presence there. He declared that
this was a unique chance to create a democracy in the context of further
European unification.

Reunited Germany has a special responsibility for stabilizing democracy in
Serbia. Democracy, said Mr. Fischer, is the basis for a lasting peace in the
Balkans. But the priority is for the moment that the democratic changes be
carried out peacefully and that justice prevail. The Western Balkans is a
part of the European comprehensive responsibility.

It was truly correct at the time to stop Slobodan Milosevich's policy of
Greater Serbia and to engage oneself on the side of the democratic
opposition, says Joschka Fischer. Now the bloody murdering in the Balkans can
be stopped. The Stability Pact has to be used, among other things, for the
clearing of the Danube. Also democratic culture has to be built up [in
Serbia] to make possible the normalization of relations between Germany and
Serbia. The first steps have been taken through the lifting of the oil and
the flight embargoes by the European Union. Now Serbia can be accompanied on
its route toward Europe. In the words of Fischer, all those who have made
themselves guilty of grave crimes have to be brought to justice.


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