Fw: New Publication- The Asturian Uprising- Fifteen Days of Socialist Revolution

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Mon Oct 16 17:59:07 MDT 2000

Just published is 'The Asturian Uprising- Fifteen Days of Socialist Revolution'
written by Manuel Grossi.   The Asturian Uprising of 1934 is one of the
forgotten episodes in the history of the working class. Alarmed at whet they
considered to be a fascist threat, the working class in Asturias seized power,
and staved of the Spanish government's attempt to crush the revolution for 15
days. The author, a member of the Workers and Peasants Bloc and a leading
participant in the revolution, gives a vivid description of these events.   The
book is published by Socialist Platform (in association with 'Revolutionary
History') and is 140 pp. The cost is £ (sterling) 5.00 plus postage.   For UK the
total cost is £5.75   For Europe £6.30   Outside of Europe £7.30 airmail or
£6.25 surface post.   To order by credit card please send 2 e mails. The first
with half the digits and the second with the remaining digits and the expiry
date. And your address of course.   Alternatively UK buyers can send a cheque
made out to Socialist Platform Ltd to BCM 7646, London WC1N 3XX. Non UK
customers can send an IMO to the same address. But please note that the IMO must
be made out in £ sterling.   The journal will be stocked at Porcupine
Bookcellar, 5 Caledonian Road, London N1. But please ring first (0207 837 4473)
to ensure it is there.   The next isssue of 'Revolutionary History' will be on
Alfred Rosmer. I will e mail you when it is published. Our website can be found
at www.revolutionary-history.co.uk   Fraternally   Barry Buitekant

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