Holocaust survivor: Israeli racism rooted in Jewish religious law

jonathan flanders jon_flanders at SPAMcompuserve.com
Mon Oct 16 16:34:31 MDT 2000

>> Israel's Discriminatory Practices Are Rooted in Jewish Religious Law <<

How about it's Imperial origins?

<<Nothing is more certain than if Palestine became part of the British
Empire it would never be colonized in any real sense by the sort of
Englishmen who have made Canada and Australia. The only possible colonists
of Palestine are the Jews. Only they can build up in the Mediterranean a
new dominion associated with this country from the outset in Imperial work,
at once a protection against the alien East and a mediator between it and
us, a civilization distinct from ours yet imbued with our political ideas,
at the same stage of political development, and beginning its second life
as a nation with a debt of gratitude to this country as its second

from British Interests in Palestine, 1917 by Herbert Sidebotham

Jon Flanders

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