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Mon Oct 16 20:19:58 MDT 2000

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> > YyzCA at AOL.COM wrote:
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> > > Such persecution, he said, was responsible for the decline in party
> > > membership, from about 100,000 in the 1930s to about 15,000 in the
> > > 1990s.
> >
> > Khruschev's secret speech, the invasion of Hungary in 1956 and the invasion
> > of Czechoslovakia in 1968 didn't help either.
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>American Communists cannot blame Soviet Communism for their own fate.  US
>Capitalism often conflicts with European Capitalism, one did not see a massive
>drop out of American Capitalists.
>Either one is a communist, or one is not. The fact that some communists is
>another country turn revisionist is no excuse to abandon the faith.  Keep the
>faith, even when the going gets tough.  That is what it is all about.
>Hall was a true communist.
>Henry C.K. Liu

Hi Henry:

I think that the main reason why the American CP fared badly & didn't
survive the Truman era very well is that the American Party couldn't
claim the mantle of anti-fascist Resistance fighters as much as
Communists in Europe could (though many American Communists fought in
the Spanish Civil War).  Communists in Italy, France, etc. emerged
from the World War 2 with an aura of the bravest anti-fascist
fighters.  Japanese Communists had the similar aura of heroic
martyrdom (recall, for instance, the superb proletarian writer
Kobayashi Takiji, tortured to death by Tokko [thought police of the
Japanese Military]).  Since Americans did not experience war &
fascism at home, they couldn't see American Communists in the same
light as the Japanese, Europeans, etc. did.


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