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Call to Action    It was, needless to say, entirely predictable that
Pathfinder Press's efforts to suppress the publication of Trotsky's works on
the Internet would encounter resistance, and lead to more widespread sharing
of the material in question.

    This is from a German web-site. Notice that the comrade has conveniently
created an archive in the highly popular zip format to facilitate the
transmission of the entire group of articles involved. The archive is about
1/4th the side of the typical MP3 song by the way. On my Internet connection
-- which is a fast DSL line -- it took all of six seconds to get here from


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      Call to action
      Trotsky's works belong to everyone!
      Diese Seite auf deutsch lesen

      What is this page about?
      For the last couple of years the "Marxists Internet Archive" (MIA) at
www.marxists.org has made classic Marxist texts available online. The archive
contains among others e.g the most important works of Karl Marx, Friedrich
Engels, V.I. Lenin, Leon Trotsky, Rosa Luxemburg und many others. And more
articles are being added all the time. The MIA is an excellent example of the
kind of worldwide cooperation that created the internet in the first place.

      Now the MIA is under attack---and not by a right-wing government
oranything like that, but by a "leftist" publishing house.

      Pathfinder Press is the imprint of the "Socialist Workers' Party" of
the USA. On the 6th of October the MIA received a letter from lawyers
representing Pathfinder Press. The letter demands that the MIA remove certain
texts (of which Pathfinder has published paper editions) from the archive and
stops the distribution of a CD-ROM containing a snapshot of the entire

      This page is a reaction to these threats. The Marxist movement has
always striven to make its books and pamphlets available at the lowest
possible cost. Creating artificial scarcity---as Pathfinder Press is trying
to do---is a perversion belonging to capitalist speculation, nothing to do
with Marxism. Trotsky would turn in his grave!

      The texts are here!
      Here are the articles Pathfinder Press doesn't want you to read for
free. Some links are broken because I took the files straight from the MIA.
Navigation should be OK though.

        1.. Cannon,Founding of the Socialist Workers Party
        2.. Novack,Introduction to the Logic of Marxism
        3.. Leon Trotsky on China
        4.. Trotsky, "Why Marxists Oppose Individual Terrorism"
        5.. Trotsky, "On the Events in Dublin"
        6.. Trotsky, "Platform of the Opposition"
        7.. Trotsky, "How did Stalin Defeat the Opposition?"
        8.. Trotsky, "Trotsky in Norway"
        9.. Trotsky, "Before the Decision"; Trotsky, "The German Puzzle";
Trotsky, "The Turn in the Communist International and the Situation in
        10.. Novack, "Empiricism and Pragmatism"
        11.. Reed, "The Challenge of the Matriarchy"
      This page and others like it exist to fight back. We want to ensure
that these texts remain freely available by multiplying the number of sites
where they can be read so much that the SWP will have to drop its attempt to
stop the free spread of ideas. If the answer to every legal threat is a dozen
new uploads of these articles, they will eventually understand!

      If you post these articles on your site too, mail me at
sedowa at crosswinds.net. I'll keep a list on this page.

      Against "Intellectual property"!
      The SWP's lawyers claim a right of "Intellectual property" that
Pathfinder Press allegedly owns.

      "Intellectual property" is reactionary. It does more damage than good.
Just one example should suffice: In Africa people die of easily curable
diseases because they can't afford the medicine. The medicines are so
expensive because the recipes are the "intellectual property" of
pharmaceutical corporations who prevent the manufacture of cheap generic
drugs. "Intellectual property" means profit over corpses.

      It is bad enough, if not surprising, when capitalist corporations make
use of these methods.

      But it is a scandal when an organisation that calls itself socialist
subordinates the distribution of socialist ideas to its own commercial

      What you can do
      Send a Protest mail to Pathfinder Press and to the SWP's paper The

      And a message of solidarity to the MIA!

      Download the articles and post them on your own page! To make it
easier, here they all are in a ZIP archive trottext.zip (688 KB)

      To avoid any confusion: the American "Socialist Workers Party" has
nothing to do with the "Socialist Workers Party"/Britain. I am a member of
Linksruck, a sister organisation of the SWP/B, and do not want anyone to
think I am associated with the SWP/US! To assist in differentiation I suggest
that we call the American organisation the "SWP,Inc.", since profits are
obviously more important than principles to it ;-)

      This page maintained by Tim Vanhoof  Links
            "Intellectual Property"

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