Gramsci, Terror, & Thermidor (was Re: Gramsci Redux)

Charles Brown CharlesB at
Tue Oct 17 09:54:49 MDT 2000

>>> lnp3 at 10/17/00 09:48AM >>>
>Leo Casey enlists Gramsci for Laclau & Mouffe:


Casey used to be a leader of DSA in the USA, the official 2nd International
franchise and is now some kind of labor skate in the United Federation of
Teachers, where he defends excluding Communists and revolutionaries. He is
also an outspoken supporter of Nato's war against Yugoslavia, the guilty
verdict in the Rosenberg trial and "radical democracy" a la Laclau-Mouffe.


CB: Casey seems to fit well in the Albert Shankar , opportunist, labor lieutenant of
capital tradition.  He is also extremely arrogant in his e-mail posting style, worthy
of the auto-delete treatment that Carrol Cox uses on some assholes.

Casey also has the nerve to put the Frederick Douglass "no progress without struggle"
quote as his signature.  We should put him before a Mau Mau court for that

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