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Tue Oct 17 11:39:04 MDT 2000

>furuhashi.1 at 10/16/00 10:06PM >>>
>American Communists cannot blame Soviet Communism for their own fate.  US
>Capitalism often conflicts with European Capitalism, one did not see a massive
>drop out of American Capitalists.
>Either one is a communist, or one is not. The fact that some communists is
>another country turn revisionist is no excuse to abandon the faith.  Keep the
>faith, even when the going gets tough.  That is what it is all about.
>Hall was a true communist.
>Henry C.K. Liu

Hi Henry:

I think that the main reason why the American CP fared badly & didn't
survive the Truman era very well is that the American Party couldn't
claim the mantle of anti-fascist Resistance fighters as much as
Communists in Europe could (though many American Communists fought in
the Spanish Civil War).  Communists in Italy, France, etc. emerged
from the World War 2 with an aura of the bravest anti-fascist
fighters.  Japanese Communists had the similar aura of heroic
martyrdom (recall, for instance, the superb proletarian writer
Kobayashi Takiji, tortured to death by Tokko [thought police of the
Japanese Military]).  Since Americans did not experience war &
fascism at home, they couldn't see American Communists in the same
light as the Japanese, Europeans, etc. did.


CB: This thread is worth developing.

I think another element in CPUSA failure to gain mass following was  naivete or
innocence regarding the ruthlessness of the U.S. ruling class, the whole American
exceptionalism theme.  The U.S. ruling class was quite treacherous in cracking down on
the CP after the WWII alliance with the SU and participation of Communists in the
armed forces.  On the other hand, I am not sure what the CP could have done to avoid
the backstab.

On another hand (maybe foot) , there _was_ some difference ( "exceptionality") between
U.S. history and European history in the fuller development of some bourgeois
democratic institutions ( with the "exceptions" of genocide against Indigenous Peoples
and Slavery) .  Marx, Engels and Lenin noted that in Germany and Russia, there were
workers parties before or simultaneously with the development of bourgeois democratic
parties ( See Lenin's essay on Marx's letters to Kuegelmann , I think it is; left my
copy away from here just now). In the U.S. there was a long development of bourgeois
democratic parties before Socialist Party at the beginning of the 1900's. The point is
the CPUSA  could not compete with the superficial appeal of a long tradition of
bourgeois democracy to the working class in the U.S. So, when the U.S. ruling class
treacherously employed the evil twin U.S. anti-democratic tradition to violate the
CP's political "rights" at the end of the 40's, the CP had not be!
en able , as a defense, to sink roots deep in the working class as far as the CP's in
Russia and Germany had.

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