Gramsci, Terror, & Thermidor (was Re: Gramsci Redux)

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Tue Oct 17 10:09:58 MDT 2000

Charles Brown wrote:

> CB: Casey seems to fit well in the Albert Shankar , opportunist, labor lieutenant of
>capital tradition.  He is also extremely arrogant in his e-mail posting style, worthy
>of the auto-delete treatment that Carrol Cox uses on some assholes.


I have him there. I only see his words when someone else quotes him. I happened to be
briefly a member of the AFT at the time I retired, so I still get a credit card from
them and receive their papers. The last one of them I read however
(they go into the trash unopened) was back before the overthrow of the Sandinistas. It
had a story of a couple (both teachers) visiting Nicaragua and making all sorts of
slanderous statements about the nation. You have to read their newspaper
to understand just how vile the national leadership of the AFT is.


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