McReynolds' Mid-East Statement

Chris Brady chris_brady at
Tue Oct 17 17:15:51 MDT 2000

David McReynolds said more of substance than Ralph Nader so far.
His advocacy of halting US aid to Israel is well-taken.

I wish that he had not ended his statement with the allusion that the
Palestinians are less interested in peace than Israelis, without at
least submitting the hypothesis that one who has beaten and stolen
from another just might be more inclined to stop the violence and
stay with, or at least negotiate from, the status quo, while the angry
victim might not be so inclined to rest so imperturbably.

Of course, the history of Zionism is rooted in violent
usurpation, and policies of unremitting remorselessness. Israel is
a warrior state, a state of terror.  The most violent will tend to
rule, only tempered by the stomach of their allies.

Just as an aside, Finkelstein wrote against the Goldhagen thesis.
Not all Germans were Nazis, true.  Marxists know that tragic history.
But it should be a “Schandar for the Goyim” that more Germans
seemed to have fought the Nazis than Jews now fight the Zionists.

Chris Brady

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