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Hi There,

Sorry for this late reply but I have been having some server problems.

Anyway, the owner of the Toronto Sun is Quebecor which is owned by Pierre
Palideau or I should say his 3 sons since his passing away.  Quebecor is
now the world's largest printer after it swallowed World Color in the U.S.

Conrad Black just sold most of his newspaper holdings in Canada to Issy
Asper, owner of CanWest which is becoming a major player in the TV and news
business in Canada.  Black still retains 50% ownership of his flagship
paper The National Post which is a slightly more high Brow version than the

Hope this was useful if not a bit late.


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The last time I was in Toronto I saw that The Toronto Sun was a tabloid
that displayed a full page photo of a babe in a bikini every day, as
well as copy that looked like it was copied from the style manual of the
New York Post, alliterative headlines and all. Any Torontonians on this
list? Is the Sun owned by that reactionary millionaire Conrad Black?

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