Re.: Chomsky and Zinn on the Overthrow of Workers States

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> >When Mr. Marx said "I at least am not a Marxist" he had in mind those >who see
> >the qwuotation of the proper texts as a sign of virtue, instead of >relying on
> >FACTS and ANALYSES of the current real world,  Thus thw writer >avoids the
> >most obvious of facts: that the CHomsky who totally opposed  the >Vietnam war
> >(and realized the doves were false opponents) was a whole different >Chomsky
> >from the one who justifies US intervention in case after case today. >(ALways
> >for humanitarian or democratic - and now even socialist - reasons!)
> >The Chomsky of today apologies for Imperial rule.  That would be >true, even
> >if he added appropriate quotations from texts, Marxist, Talmudic, or >Hindu.
> >Only one thing defines one's relation to the world, and that thing is: >what
> >one says and does in relation to the world.

You are absolutely right, Jared.




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