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Tue Oct 17 14:12:02 MDT 2000

CB: However, your criticism of purging Browderites is inconsistent with
your criticism of supporting the Democratic Party, below. Browder's
liquidationism was an extreme form of supporting the Dem Party type
position. If the CP was no longer a political party, what electoral
politics would it do ?

LP: Actually, I wasn't commenting on the value of the Browderite approach
only that it was wrong to give them the boot. On the particulars, I am for
the Browderite method of making Marxism understandable by using the
American vernacular but am dead-set opposed to working in the Democratic

CB: So what was Charlene Mitchell running for President in 1968 on the
CPUSA ticket as the first Black women ever to run for President ( before
Shirley Chisholm) ? Chopped liver ? I have buttons and literature. It took
a lot of guts to run in '68 since it could not be clear that McCarthyism
would not come back.

LP: Foster, Browder and Gus Hall ran as well. This is not what I am
objecting to. I am objecting to self-avowed Marxist groups calling for a
vote for the Democratic Party. The two-party system in the USA is one of
the main obstacles to a powerful radical movement. That is why Marxists
have to put all of their efforts into constructing left electoral
alternatives. It is genuine progress that Manning Marable is urging a vote
for Nader. He is one of the major black leaders who is taking this
position, as opposed to, for example, Bill Fletcher calling for a vote for

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