A scurrilous attack on Pathfinder and the SWP.

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Subject: A scurrilous attack on Pathfinder and the SWP.

>    It was entirely proper and I would say an elementary duty of workers
states like the old USSR, GDR, etc., to make this kind of material massively
available at extremely modest prices. But it is an entirely different
question for a group of a few hundred or even a few thousand activists with
scarce resources to try to do that.

>    The false claim that Pathfinder's prices are out of line, and the
comparison to an organization that everyone in the radical movement knows
benefited extraordinarily from its international connections, shows that
this IWC outfit is motivated completely and exclusively by factional spite.

>    The idea that the SWP "consciously chose to make their publishing house
a capitalist-style business" is not just false but slanderous. The point of
a capitalist-style business is that it makes profits. The SWP is not a
"business," profitable or otherwise, it is a small left-wing political

Pathfinders prices may well be respectable compared to many "academic"
publishing houses, but surely the whole point of a socialist publisher is to
make such works available to even the poorest sections of the working-class.
There is, in my mind, absolutely no justfiable reason, other than greed, for
Pathfinder to charge such ridiculously high prices, prices which are
certainly well out of my reach.
 Pathfinder even went to the ex-USSR and bought up all the remaining copies
of the Progress Publishers stock for a pittance and now charges prices for
them that they should be ashamed of. Pure profiteering of the very worst
 Pathfinder is a capitalist enterprise and like all good capitalists it is
doing its damndest to make a monopoly in its area of the market.
 Mind you, making the works of Trotsky unavailable to all but the
petit-bourgoisie is probably the greatest service to the working-class that
the SWP could have ever done.


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