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Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at SPAMgmx.net
Thu Oct 19 05:14:59 MDT 2000

> I have a Botswanan student who is researching for a documentary on a
> massacre that took place in what was then the German colony of South West
> Africa (Namibia) in 1904.  The Officer in charge of the killings was a
> General Von Trotter.

Here are a few links (in German):


Bibliography in English:

It looks as if Horst Drechsler is the one to check first:

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> there are supposed to be links of some kind between the labour camps set
> in Namibia and the concentration in the 30s.  Hitler is supposed to have
> studied the Namibian experience and learned from it.

The standard Neonazi argument about concentration camps is that they are a
British invention from the Boer war. Certainly the 'bad' imperialists are
always the others.


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