[L-I] Fwd: Presentation: NATO Target: Yugoslavia

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at SPAMosu.edu
Thu Oct 19 05:34:40 MDT 2000

>An Eyewitness Report
>Slide Presentation by Greg Elich, who visited Yugoslavia in August 1999.
>Mr. Elich will present evidence of wide-spread NATO terror bombing of
>civilian targets.
>Monthly meeting of Women Speak Out
>Friday, November 3, 7:45 PM
>Cleveland Heights Public Library
>2345 Lee Road
>(halfway between Cedar Road and Fairmount Blvd.)
>Cleveland Heights - Cleveland, Ohio
>Greg Elich, a Columbus peace activist and coordinator of the Peace
>in Yugoslavia Committee, has written widely on the Balkans and East
>Asia. His latest article in the U.S, "Bringing Democracy to
>Bosnia-Herzegovina," appears in the current issue of Covert Action Quarterly
>(Spring-Summer 2000).
>On Friday, November 3, under auspices of Women Speak Out,
>Greg Elich, who travelled to Yugoslavia as part of an international
>fact-finding delegation during August of last year, will present
>an eyewitness account of the war's toll on Yugoslavia's civilian
>population. Elich's will present evidence that the western allies were
>in violation of international treaties banning the use of civilian
>targets. The fact-finding delegation to Yugoslavia turned its evidence
>over to the Ramsey Clark Commission of Inquiry, and Elich was a
>witness at the final presentation of evidence at Ramsey Clark's Commission
>of Inquiry.
>Elich will show photographic slides and play audio tapes of interviews
>he conducted with bombing victims.  Following the presentation, there
>will be a discussion on both NATO's war and recent events in

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