The Oversupply of PhDs

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Thu Oct 19 08:57:33 MDT 2000

>The irony is, I'm applying to various English lit departments, most of
>which would have a cow if they knew my political track record (Comp Lit
>would be preferable, but there aren't many positions open). It's kind of
>like being a Vietcong tac squad -- you quickly learn that camouflage is
>the revolution's best friend.
>-- Dennis

In order to draw people out when the Marxism list first got started in May
1998 (ah, those were the days), I posted a questionnaire to the subscribers
(we started with 60 people, now we are at 295). This was Dennis's response.
If any lurkers feel inspired to take a shot at the questionnaire today, go
for it.

1) How did you get interested in Marxism?

The early 1980s Nuclear Freeze movement. Figured something must be up with
socialism if plutonium-crazed monsters like the Reaganites were horrified
of it.

2) how do you respond personally and politically to the apparent
"triumphalism" of system today, the so-called "End of History"

Sustained and sardonic laughter, followed by a close reading of the US net
rnational investment position from the latest Commerce Dept. stats (minus
$1.2 ion, and still sinking like a stone!).

3) What are some of the books that have influenced your political evolution
and that  think other people would learn from?

Fredric Jameson's "The Political Unconscious" and Theodor Adorno's "Minima
ralia". Lots of Frankfurt School stuff.

4) What are the political conditions in the region of the world you live in?

Oligarchy of the global rentiers (US). Like Indonesia, only with fewer
cattle prods.

5) What are your political activities?

Reading, writing, teaching, union organizing (not necessarily in that order).

Louis Proyect
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