"The Internationale"

Brklyn Bombshell brklynbombshell at SPAMhotmail.com
Thu Oct 19 08:11:23 MDT 2000

Last night in an auditorium at the New York University (NYU) I saw the
premiere of a brand new half-hour long documentary written and directed by
Peter Miller called "The Internationale". It starred the humor/quips/singing
talents of Pete Seeger, Billy Bragg, and a host of other international
voices (Russian, Chinese, Philipino, Mexican, Jamaican, Israeli, etc.).

It was a short and sweet celebration of the song with a bit of history about
when it was written, when it is usually sung, what it has meant to working
people around the world for years...

The only political group mentioned was the DSA, which I thought was
interesting. But the film stuck to the importance of the song, and not
necessarily what other groups have done with it...

I recommend it for the nostalgia, and for the ton of footage of various
peoples singing the song.

-Brklyn Bombshell
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