The Oversupply of PhDs

jonathan flanders jon_flanders at
Thu Oct 19 10:08:31 MDT 2000

>> Litcritters can hope to average 45K, if they're really really lucky, no
more. <<

Ah yes, the big money in academia. Here in Troy, the faculty of Russell
Sage College are organizing, currently arguing their case before the NLRB.
If they win it will be a big blow to the Yeshiva precedent, which has
stymied union organizing in private colleges for years.

I put on my machinist jacket and attended the hearing for a couple of
hours. I think I got a startled look out of the NLRB chief as I walked in
the small hearing room.

 The administration was at exhibit 72 of their defense, the hearing will
drag on for weeks.
The average Russell Sage faculty member makes around 45K after twenty years
on the job. The base rate for a railroad machinist now is just shy of 40k,
after three years on the job. With all the overtime lately I am sure some
are approaching 100K.

For more info on the Sage effort, check their website

Jon Flanders

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