guns & purses (was Re: guns & crime)

Charles Brown CharlesB at
Thu Oct 19 12:53:12 MDT 2000

>>> sokol at 10/19/00 12:07PM >>>

What is so special about hobbies like hunting and sport that elevates
people to a special status in this country, whereas work or protecting work
conditions does not.  In fact, protecting workers' interests will not even
get you the public benefit status with all the tax breaks it entails -
whereas shooting animals for pleasure will.  And on the top of it, few
people bitch about unfair treatment of workers, but everybody is up in arms
about the "unfair" treatment of gun owners.  That is one of the most insane
aspects of this society.


CB: Interesting observation , Wojtek. There's the right to play with guns, but not the
right to work for a living, truly the cart before the horse. Perhaps this is a residue
from early capitalism, demonstrating the error of Weber's claim that rationality and
the work ethic, not force and violence , were the differentia specifica of Europe's

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