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<snip the interesting and very useful bibliography>>

> The standard Neonazi argument about concentration camps is that they
> are a British invention from the Boer war. Certainly the 'bad'
> imperialists are always the others.

The fact that the Nazis use this argument doesn't necessarily mean that
it is untrue. It seems obvious that the Germans in South-West Africa, as
Namibia was then known, would have studied British tactics against
rebels in neighbouring South Africa. Of course by this time the Belgian
imperialists had transformed the so-called Belgian Congo into one huge
concentration and death camp and had pioneered some of the methods used
by the Germans and others to deal with "unruly natives", i.e. freedom

BTW another connection between Namibia and the Nazis is that IIRC
Goering's father served as German governor there.

Einde O'Callaghan

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