Gus Hall Dies

Martin Zehr m_zehr at
Thu Oct 19 17:12:49 MDT 2000

"To change the world, one must take power."

The truth of this puts all of us to shame. It is the essence of the class
struggle. It is the reality that lies obscured by dogma. It is the one
factor that determines whether a party or a movement is able to seize upon
the historical opportunity to reshape history. Everything else is
intellectual pablum. Those who impress themselves and their colleagues
should look long and hard at wheher or not they are still carrying Marx's
banner into the class struggle or whether they have been relegated to coffee
house debates. The difference can be seen when imperialist war overshadows
the world. The difference can be seen when the dark forces of reaction
propagate their poison and implement aggressive policies of racist
domination. The difference can be seen when vast centers of population are
relegated to a marginal position in the world economy and thereby confronted
with the options to either die passively or die resisting.

Today, there is a time to present a new agenda before the people. The way
that agenda will take root is for those conscious elements to ORGANIZE today
for the confrontation approaching tomorrow. Excuse me for the rhetorical
flourish here, but it has been a long time since I have heard anyone on the
"left" address the issue of organizing or address the purpose of building
struggle without the PC semantic stranglehold keeping them from
decisiveness. My raised fist goes to brother Liu and all others willing to
march forward with boldness and determination.

"It seems sometimes we forget that revolution must by nececessity be an
irrational act, in defiance of the tyranical logic based on data of the
system revolutionaries oppose."

Simple truths are often the most profound.

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>Les Schaffer wrote:
> > [bounced from unsubbed Nestor]
> >
> > En relación a Re: Gus Hall Dies,
> >
> > I don't know if this is too much of splitting hairs, but I would say
> > that for a Communist party to have been a member of post-war
> > governments and release that power to the bourgeoisie, such as was
> > the case in Western Europe (and NOT in Yugoslavia, which is another
> > reason why the mad dogs have so brutally behaved there) is not
> > precisely what gives you an aura of "fighter", unless you consider
> > "anti-fascism" as a metaphysical entity with no links whatsoever to
> > the concrete rule of the bourgeois.
> >
> > In this sense, the American CP had the fate of being the CP of the
> > imperialist power that HAD WON THE WAR, and thus could dispense with
> > a "left" in the dealings with the working class. There would be (as
> > there was) plenty of money and riches to bribe them directly.  I
> > can't speak for Japan, but at least in Europe the CPs were alive
> > while it was necessary to have the workers glued to the system by
> > means of a complex ideological mechanism. Once they became useless,
> > they simply disappeared. The French CP, for example, dwindled almost
> > naturally during the 70s. The Italian CP lasted longer, but
> > eventually it melted away.
> >
> > I am not quite sure what am I trying to point out with the above, but
> > maybe someone else may find it useful.
>One may conclude from Nestor's observation that the struggle for political
>power is every bit as important as the struggle to disover the correct
>ideological path.  It is time for the entire left to realize that correct
>ideology by itself can never win the day under bourgeois democracy, by
>definition.  Henry C.K. Liu

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