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Tony Abdo aabdo at SPAMwebtv.net
Thu Oct 19 18:18:46 MDT 2000

This afternoon I had the opportunity to see Ralph Nader in person at San
Antonio College, where he drew apporoximately 500-700 enthusiastic
students to attend.     Rather than finding the experience exhilarating,
I found the rally to be curiously depressing.     I guess I expected

It's really not hard to find ways to score points cheaply against Gore
and Bush, without ever really saying that much of substance.     His
message was..... that 'we' have to take back America.      The big, bad
monopolies are playing unfair with small business, the middle class, and
'the wage earner'.    Yes.... we need a higher minimum wage.

He also talked about how government regulation was good, even if Bush
couldn't see that.    And he went on and on about how things like
realigning the steering columns of cars, had saved many lives.     He
didn't like the way medical care is being semi-delivered by the
corporations and insurance companies (neither do I), and he wanted to
change that.

He also talked about John McCain's visions, how great Henry Gonzalez
(Democrat of Texas from SA) was, the problem with being put on hold by
insensitive corporate answering machines, and how he flies Southwest
Airlines, because he is frugal, and they have real people on their
telephone lines  when he wants to get cheaper tickets.     Why can't the
country be run more like Southwest Airlines!?

He had a lot of platitudes and advice for young people about the need to
'get involved in politics, or politics will get involved with you'.
He didn't talk about how the Green Party president of Mexico uses child
labor on his ranch.     And why do I mention this?      Should he have
said something on such a subject?!

Before Ralph spoke, Gary Dugger, the Green Party candidate for Texas
Railroad commission had told the crowd that he was running, because the
Democrats didn't have the cojones (or cohoneees... as he pronounced it)
to field a candidate to oppose the Republican candidate.    Very
pragmatic.     He ran as substitute for the Democrats.     Not so much
because he was different from the Democrats.    It's just that they had
no 'balls'.

This was followed by a Partido Ecologico spokeswoman representing
Vicente Fox, who was not just the PAN candidate, but also the candidate
of the Mexican Greens.    At the rally, her pitch for Vicente Fox was
followed by some confused applause, and another speaker then reinforced
the message that Fox was the wave of the future throughout Latin
America, for the Green Party message.     And this evening, the local
television news is playing up this story.

How has the US Left gotten so excited by this guy?     Even the Native
American angle at the rally seemed as limp in reality, as the American
one cent piece bow to history.     Two young people beating on a drum
during the rally, while dressed up in something that looked almost like
a Jerry Springer visit of the Klan, supposedly gave Nader an Americana

Electoral pragmatism.... down to NOW, playing up the connections to
Vicente Fox?     This picture of a Green International really does not
seem very attractive.      No matter how much we close our eyes and
pretend, these guys really don't have a vision beyond a more clean and
efficient capitalism, where monopolies can be dissolved away like sin.

As the spectrum of allowable dissent has shifted ever rightward, the
Greens have stepped in as a watered down version of Social Democracy.
Social Democracy minus the labor unions!

My only desire was to leave, or shout....Arriba, Arriba,  'Chente sera

Seeing that my lone jeer at the celebration of Fox's victory had brought
about anger and confusion, I decided to sadly leave this sad event.

The only future I can see after the elections for this type of Green
politics, is a kind of a liberalist, Reform Party.     Oh yeah, there
WAS a reference made at the rally to wanting to follow in the footsteps
of Jessie Ventura!      It's such a worthy goal.

Tony Abdo

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