U.S. activists denounce Cuba amandment

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International Action Center /
International Peace for Cuba Appeal

PRESS RELEASE, October 19, 2000


Teresa Gutierrez, Co-Director of the International Peace for Cuba
Appeal (IPCA), a project of the International Action Center (IAC),
today denounced the Cuba trade amendment passed by the U.S.
Senate October 18.  "This amendment masquerades as an easing of
the U.S. blockade when in fact it tightens it," Gutierrez stated. The
amendment was attached to agricultural spending legislation that
President Clinton has agreed to sign.

"This amendment is a sham.  It claims to allow sales of food to
Cuba, but at the same time it bars the federal government and U.S.
banks from financing shipments that would make these sales
possible. We also condemn this amendment for further restricting
travel to Cuba, which is a violation of our constitutional rights to

“In November, hundreds of people from the U.S. will defy the travel
ban by attending the Second World Conference in Solidarity and
Friendship with Cuba in Havana. Over 4,000 people from 100
countries are expected to attend the conference, whose main
purpose is to mobilize international support for an end to the U.S.
blockade.  The IAC/IPCA delegation will be one of the largest
coming from the U.S.," Gutierrez continued.

The International Action Center (IAC), which was founded by
former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, and the International
Peace for Cuba Appeal, a project of the IAC, work for the full
lifting of the U.S. blockade of Cuba and believe that Cuba should
have the right to buy and sell food, medicine and all other goods.

“We stand with the Cuban people who yesterday answered the
'gross lie that the genocidal blockade has been softened,' as the
Cuban daily Granma put it, with a defiant march of 800,000 people
in Havana.  All those attending the Second World Conference in
Solidarity and Friendship with Cuba this November 10-14 pledge
to do all we can to fight the criminal 40-year-old blockade of Cuba
until it is finally lifted," Gutierrez concluded.
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