A scurrilous attack on Pathfinder and the SWP.

Jose G. Perez jg_perez at SPAMbellsouth.net
Thu Oct 19 20:12:55 MDT 2000

>>Pathfinders prices may well be respectable compared to many "academic"
publishing houses, but surely the whole point of a socialist publisher is to
make such works available to even the poorest sections of the working-class.
There is, in my mind, absolutely no justfiable reason, other than greed, for
Pathfinder to charge such ridiculously high prices, prices which are
certainly well out of my reach.<<

    I could, with facts, figures, and experience dating back to the 1960s
try to convince you that, in fact, Pathfinder's policies over the decades
have been entirely rational given their resources and the capitalist
environment they have no choice but to operate in.

    If you have even a shred of even fabricated evidence to back up your
charged of "profiteering," please be so kind as to produce them.

    Until such time as you do, all you're doing is proving to me that you're
nothing but an ultra "left", red-baiting windbag.


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Subject: A scurrilous attack on Pathfinder and the SWP.

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