Gus Hall Dies

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el 19 Oct 00, a las 10:27, Henry C.K. Liu dijo:

> One may conclude from Nestor's observation that the struggle for
> political power is every bit as important as the struggle to disover
> the correct ideological path.  ...  It seems sometimes we forget that
> revolution must by nececessity be an irrational act, in defiance of
> the tyranical logic based on data of the system revolutionaries
> oppose.

Wow, if this is what perspirated then I am proud of myself!  Yes, of
course I do agree with the above. In fact, revolutions do create a
new logic through action, a logic that cannot but be understood as
"irrational" by the system, which tends to structure the forms of
rationality in agreement with its objective, material necessities.

They will always call us irrational. And they are right --from their
own point of view!

Who cares? Let us struggle for power.

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