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Fri Oct 20 10:51:41 MDT 2000

Perhaps Jose can explain why is it that Pathfinder is selling Progress
editions of Lenin and Marx at a markup of several hundred percent. Books
which were a) fairly cheap to start with and b) which they picked up at
an even cheaper price? Or why it is that pamphlets and books that came
off the presses 20 or more years ago are being sold at the same price as
if they were printed yesterday?

The fact is Pathfinder's own publications are, in my experience, about
twice as much as similar books of similar size published by other
left-wing publishers such as Zed, Bookmarks, Pluto Press, Socialist
Books, Black Rose, and New Park. My guess is that the markup goes not to
line Jack Barnes' pocket but to subsidise the rent on the various
Pathfinder Bookstores and the SWPs other operations. This might be a
political justification that satisfies the SWP but it's a shame that
this practice puts many essential works out of the price range of most
students and many low-waged workers and its criminal that Pathfinder is
trying to stifle other ways of making these works available such as the
Marxists Internet Archive.


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