AW: [L-I] October Le Monde diplomatique on Kosovo

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Danke für eden Hinweis!

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I wrote:

> The latest edition of Le Monde diplomatique has an article on Kosovo. The
> English title is 'The other Yugoslavain election', the German edition has
> under the title 'UN-Protektorat oder Mafia-Republik'.
> English:
> German:

I have just compared the English and the German version and found out the
English version is a bit shorter. In the German version there is an attack
on Oliver Ivanovic, accusing him of beeing a former SPS cadre and beeing
some kind of local mafia leader. This passage is missing in the English
version. Pure coincidence? Or thinks Le Monde diplomatique it has to cater
for different audience and some Serb bashing is popular in Germany? In
germany Le Monde diplomatique is edited in cooperation with tageszeitung,
one of the worst organs of humanitarian bombers.

Actually Ivanovic endorsed Kustunica during the election campaign (according
to the latest ICG report), so linking him to Milosevic is at best


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