Israeli soldiers kill two more Palestinian children while repressingpeaceful protests

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Israeli soldiers kill two more Palestinian children while repressing
peaceful protests

Occupied Jerusalem: 20 October/00 - Heavily armed Israeli army soldiers
positioned on rooftops and high elevations shot dead two more Palestinian
children on Friday during fresh Palestinian protests against Israel's
bloody repression of Palestinian demonstrations.

Palestinian sources said Ala' Bassam Bani- Nimre, 12,  was killed when
Jewish settlers, wielding Uzi-submachine guns, opened fire at Palestinian
youngsters who were demonstrating in Salfit near Ramallah, demanding a
tougher Arab stance against Israel.

The sources said Bani-Nimre was hit in the chest and succumbed to his
wounds immediately.

A few hours later, Israeli soldiers stationed  on the rooftops of a
multi-story hotel in Ramallah shot dead 13-year-old Tha'er Mahmoud Ali, of
the refugee camp al Am'ari, near Ramallah, during a peaceful protest north
of Ramallah.

Hospital sources in Rmallah said a bullet penetrated the child's right eye
and exited from the back of his head.

He died immediately.

A third child, a five-year old girl, was seriously wounded in Khan Younis,
in the Gaza Strip, Thursday,  when she was hit by a bullet in the head
while standing at the veranda of her home.

So, far over 25 Palestinian children have been killed by Israeli soldiers,
either deliberately or through deliberate criminal negligence.

The Palestinian news agency (wafa) said over 200 Palestinian demonstrators
were injured by Israeli bullets Friday as Palestinian protests at continued
Israeli occupation and repression continue unabated despite a fragile
cease-fire reached at Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt three days ago.

Earlier,  tens of thousands of Palestinians took to the streets throughout
the West Bank and Gaza Strip, following Juma'a (Friday) congregational
prayers, demanding a tougher Arab and international stance against Zionist
atrocities in Palestine.

"The world must understand that Israeli Jews are behaving toward us like
the Nazi Gestapo once behaved towards them…The world must understand that
Barak and Sharon are the Hitlers and  Eichmans of our time," said Sheikh
Salim Rayyan, during a huge rally in al-Khalil (Hebron).

He added "Nazism and Zionism are the same, only difference is the name." (end)

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