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Fri Oct 20 11:33:36 MDT 2000

>>> lnp3 at panix.com 10/20/00 12:49PM >>>
>From what I've seen, the choice between these two and Genovese is Hobson in
nature. I am more familiar with Genovese based on discussion and reading
over the years, but from this evidence turned up on Lexis-Nexis, the
Engerman-Fogel stuff is even more reactionary. What both sides in the
debate seem to share is a notion that the darkies were happy with working
for massa. If this isn't traison du clercs, I don't know what is.


CB: Yes, Lou, this is my take on it. Aptheker's critique of Engerman-Fogel's _Time on
the Cross_ is entitled , sarcastically " Heavenly Days in Dixie , Or , the Time of
Their Lives " .


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