Motions Passed at the IRSP Ard Fheis 2000

Danielle Ni Dhighe morrigan at
Fri Oct 20 16:56:17 MDT 2000

The following motions were passed at the IRSP Ard Fheis held this year
in Belfast, on 30 September 2000.

That this Ard-Feis
a) endorses the entire leadership of the RSM and
b)  supports the strategy adopted since the last Ard-Feis.

a) continues to support the INLA decision to call a cease-fire,
b)  salutes the courageous decision of its leadership and
c) calls on all members of the movement to fully engage in direct
political activity.

Call for the IRSP to continue support for the ongoing INLA cease-fire
subject to constant review in the light of ongoing developments.


a) reaffirms its outright opposition to the Good Friday Agreement and
b) rejects the current power sharing executive as intrinsically
anti-democratic and anti-working class and sectarian and
c) calls on all genuine working class republicans and socialists to work
for its overthrow.


This Ard-Feis calls for the Ard-Comhairle to task itself to the
development of a comprehensive social, political and economic programme
for government in accordance with the principle of democratic socialism.
The unveiling of this programme and a strategy designed to implement such
we regard as a means to restore cohesion to the movement.

The Ard-Feis,
a) Call for the minimum wage to be set at Stg £6 per hour in the occupied
six counties, and at £ 7.50 punts per hour in the rest of the country. In
addition, we call for distinctions in the granting of the minimum wage to
be abolished.
b) believes that following an immediate all round rise of 25% in all
social security benefits,(i) future increases in these benefits should be
linked to real wages as opposed to what we regard as a bogus 'official'
measure of inflation.(ii)Furthermore, we demand that those receiving
benefit be excused any obligation to pay TV licenses and be granted free
transport, telephone and power supplies. These benefits to be granted also
to persons over sixty years of age and those disabled to be provided with
free transport, telephone and power supplies.
c) proposes a return to a system of non-repayable grants facilitated
social security agencies to help with the purchase of large household
items such as cookers, fridges and so forth.
d) proposes that families of children entitled to free school meals be
granted extra benefit during school holidays of a week or more duration to
compensate for the respective families having to provide extra meals
during holiday periods.
e)propose that corporations both foreign and domestic be compelled
touphold workers rights to organise themselves in trades unions.
f) propose that the party fully support the Derry Cumann in their
opposition to the proposal by Derry City Council to build a waste
incinerator in the Northwest.
g) demands the British MOD hand over all lands previously confiscated to
locate facilities of oppression so they can be utilised for the benefit of
the working class.
h) Call for the restoration of student grants and the abolition of the
current loan system.
i) calls for the abolition of the eleven plus on the basis that it acts to
exacerbate divisions to the disadvantage of the working class in particular
j) calls for an end to the activity of 'legal' loan sharking in working
class communities.


Whereas the IRSP recognizes that trade unions organize the working class
in the economic sphere of society, it also recognizes that they are
seriously flawed through having sought accommodation within the system of
a) It is the position of the IRSP that its members should be active in
their trade union if one exists in their workplace. If no trade union
exists in their workplace, IRSP members should be active in efforts to
unionize their workplace
b) This Ard Fheis declares that the position of the IRSP is that the rank
and file members should direct union policy. Further, this Ard Fheis
declares that the IRSP supports its members seeking to become union Shop
Stewards in their workplace, and once having done so, that they seek to
unite with other revolutionary shop stewards from the various spheres of
the economy.


  The Ard-Feis supports the effort to date to produce  a monthly newspaper
and would encourage al comrades to take a more active role in getting our
message across through the Starry Plough.

  We recommend continuing publication of the Starry Plough and commend
those responsible for publication of the paper thus far. We suggest
continuing effort be made to ensure publication at least on a monthly


Whereas the IRSP has previously stated its strong support for provision of
regular internal political education to its members, it remains true that
little progress towards that goal has been made;

Accordingly, the Ard Comhairle is instructed
a) to name a party member to coordinate a new internal political education
department.  The person chosen for this position will be responsible for
creating a curriculum, acquiring the works to be studied, and developing a
schedule for the internal education to take place.
b)  Each cumman shall be required to participate in the internal political
education curriculum once it has been established.
e) These topics, however, shall be presented in a manner which allows the
party membership to form their own conclusions regarding the applicability
of these ideas to contemporary Ireland, as it essential that the
membership of the party is responsible for shaping the party line,
analysis, and programme.
(numbering due to amendment after discussion of educational report)

We propose the unveiling of a basic education programme for
ratification by the incoming Ard-Comhairle having taken on board an
inputfrom individual Cumman.

The Party calls for the establishment of a standardised education
programme for the movement.

The Ard-Feis strongly recommends that every party member with access to
internet facilities join the IRSP 'internal discussion list' as this
mechanism would serve to stimulate debate within the movement.


The Irish Republican Socialist Party affirms its commitment to full
equality for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender people.


Whereas internal communication within the party is essential to the
flowering of internal democracy;  and it is essential that members and
supporters of the IRSP throughout Ireland and abroad be aware of the
party's position on issues in order to speak out on those issues and
further, since IRSP members and supporters draw inspiration from actions
of comrades elsewhere and are encouraged to undertake similar actions to
those which have succeeded elsewhere, and refrain from those which did not;
a) The incoming Ard Comhairle is instructed by this Ard Fheis to select a
party member to be responsible ensuring the free flow of internal
communication. This shall include, but not be limited to, publishing An
Sceal, an internal monthly newsletter and sending it to every cumman in
Ireland as well as party organisations in Britain, North America, and
elsewhere should they subsequently be formed.
b) It will also be the responsibility of this individual to ensure all
party press statements, position papers, and summary minutes from the Ard
Comhairle's meetings be sent on to every cumman in Ireland, as well as the
British and North American sections.  Whenever possible, these documents
will be distributed internally prior to being released externally.
c)Finally, every Irish cumman, and the British and North American sections
will be kept aware of actions taken by any IRSP cumman or section.To make
this possible,
d) it shall be the responsibility of each cumman and the British and North
American sections of the party to report on their activities to the person
responsible for internal communication on, at least, a monthly basis.
e)  It shall be the responsibility of any comrade issuing a press
statement to send a copy, preferably in advance, to this person for
internal distribution. And,
f) it shall be the responsibility of all comrades receiving such internal
communications  to see that it is shared with all local members within a
reasonable time after having received it.


We call for the incoming Ard-Comhairle to commit itself to
consolidating and expanding the party. In addition we call for the
establishment of cadre to oversee the national organisation of the party
on an all-Ireland basis. We call for those voted in as organisers to be
pro-active in contributing towards the further development of the party.


This Ard-Feis wishes to thank the POW representative Willie Gallagher, the
entire POW department and TeachNa Failte for their work on behalf of POWs
and ex-POW`s over this past momentous year and calls for the work of Teach
Na Faitle to continue.

The Party expresses solidarity with our support groups world wide and with
our fellow POWs in Portlaoise and Maghaberry.

The Irish Republican Socialist Movement
a) join in welcoming home the many Republican Socialist prisoners of war
who have recently been set free. Their sacrifice and heroism remain an
inspiration to us.
b) also applaud the excellent work of Teach na Failte in its first year of
effort and its continuing work to ensure the re-integration of the RSPOWs
into active and productive lives within their communities, their class,
and their party.
c) remain mindful of the continuing incarceration of many of our comrades
in Portlaoise, Magilligan, Maghaberry, and Long Kesh,, as well as the
continued legal persecution of Eddie John McNicholl in the United States,
and pledge to continue efforts on their behalf.
d) are concerned by the loss by these remaining prisoners of their special
category status, and call upon the IRSP to actively campaign for the
restoration of their rights as prisoners of war.


Whereas the IRSP should represent the most class conscious section of the
Irish working class and therefore should set an example for other workers
in its approach to the national liberation struggle, the fight for
socialism, and campaigns for social justice; and in that it is the
fundamental responsibility of the IRSP to work towards raising the class
consciousness of the working class in Ireland in any way possible;
a) It shall be the responsibility of every cumman of the IRSP to keep
abreast of the actions of other republican and socialist organisations in
their area.
b)  Whenever it is consistent with the Broad Front policy of the IRSP they
shall participate in these actions or
c)  shall be prepared to articulate their reason for not doing so, if
circumstances are contrary to the IRSP's programme.


The Ard-Feis
a) extends support to beleaguered communitiesin the Ormeau and Garvaghy
roads and
b )voice opposition to the recent 'deal' struck between the Derry
businessclass and the Apprentice Boys to permit sectarian marches in the
city under the guise of culture.


The Ard-Feis
a) calls for the IRSP to direct individual Cumann in the matters of
building party profile with a view to contesting elections and
b)  calls further for the party to consider nominating a director of


The Ard-Feis
a) supports the sponsorship of a mural to the republican socialist martyrs
of the 1981 prison struggle from Derry to commemorate its 20th Anniversary
b) and calls for the party to make a concerted effort to commemorate the
20th anniversary of the Hunger Strikes.


The Ard-Feis calls for the The Party to actively oppose and demonstrate
during any future visit by Bill Clinton to Ireland.

a) that the IRSP actively oppose any visit by the outgoing United States
President, Bill Clinton-or any future USA President-to Ireland and
b) opposes the recent USA intervention of 'aid' in Colombia as an effort
to enforce their economic and military might on the working class and
c)  accordingly we support the revolutionary working class militants
against US intervention in their lands. (Sean Blacking)

The IRSP denounces in the strongest possible terms the decision by the
German Internal Ministry to ban all political activities of the
anti-fascist DHKP-C on the grounds that it is a "terrorist" organization
and that it "threatens the security of Germany" We believe such claims
should be rejected as neither credible or true

a) opposes the growing number of "isolation cells" and the continuing
repression and torture of political prisoners of war in prisons throughout
b)  we demand the immediate release of Francisco Brotons Beneyto who has
suffered over 22 years in prison at the hands of the fascist Spanish state
for his revolutionary beliefs and
c) we send our revolutionary greetings of solidarity to the POWs  of the
world imprisoned for their continued resistance.

The IRSP  add our support to miscarriages of justice victim, Mark Barnsley
and the growing international campaign in demanding justice for him;
a) we endorse calls for the Crown Prosecution Service to hand over the
hidden evidence they have been unlawfully holding  since Mark's wrongful
imprisonment in 1994,
b) b)demand the British Home Secretary re-examine his case and release
Mark immediately.
The IRSP support all campaigns for justice as a result of miscarriages of
justice and give our unconditional support to all campaigns for political
prisoners of war.

Whereas the IRSP believes that socialists must take seriously the work of
building revolutionary alliances of the working class internationally and
recognizes that the international efforts of the IRSP require
In that the British and North American sections of the movement form a
natural basis for carrying out the international relations of the IRSP,
a) an International Department Secretariat of the IRSP shall be
established, to be composed of the British Coordinator of the IRSP, the
North American Coordinator of the IRSCNA, and a party member resident in
b) This third participant in the Secretariat is to be chosen by the Ard
Comhairle after its election, and to chiefly serve as the liaison between
the other two members and the Ard Comhairle. She or he will be responsible
for ensuring that matters related to international relations receive
proper attention before the Ard Comhairle.
c) Should a support organization for the IRSP develop in the future in
Australia and/or New Zealand, the Secretariat shall be expanded to include
the Coordinator for that region as well.Finally
d) That contacts received by the party in Ireland from abroad shall be
shared in a timely fashion with the members of the International
Department Secretariat, so they can be developed to their fullest


This Ard Fheis affirms ,
a) that the IRSP is a revolutionary Marxist organization, and that by this
we mean that the IRSP believes:
b)Class conflict is the motive force in human history;
c)The IRSP stands unreservedly and exclusively for the interests of the
working class against all others;
d) Only the creation of a 32-county Irish socialist republic can provide
the means by which Irish national liberation can be realized;
e)That there can be no socialism without national liberation in Ireland,
nor can there be national liberation without socialism;
f) That there is no parliamentary road to socialism, because socialism
cannot be forged by seizing the bourgeois State apparatus; nor is there a
guerilla road to socialism, because a social revolution requires the
active participation of the masses; and therefore that a socialist
republic can only be established through the mass revolutionary action of
the working class in the political, economic, and social spheres;
g) That socialism means the ownership of the means of production,
distribution, and exchange collectively by the entire working class, with
an end to wage labour, an end to production for profit and its replacement
by a system of production based on human need; and
h) That socialism must be administered democratically by the working class
itself, recognising the class dictatorship of the workers, because
the vast majority of society is formed by that class. This does not
suggest the need for a political dictatorship of a single party. Rather it
calls out for a class dictatorship, administered through new working class
institutions created to permit the greatest degree of political freedom
for all working people.

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