Gus Hall's CPUSA

Charles Brown CharlesB at
Sat Oct 21 08:22:08 MDT 2000

>>> chris_brady at 10/21/00 02:03AM >>>
While Hall was jailed:
20th Congress  Khruschev's speech about Stalin.
Soviet tanks crushed Hungarian revolt.
CPUSA lost 80% of its membership in a year.

Many members [in California at least, said Dorothy Healy] were FBI
agents.  Without their dues the Party might have gone bankrupt!
Could they also have surreptitiously affected party policy, etc.?


CB: Probably.

Plus, FBI agents acting as prison guards probably practiced torcher type reeducation
on Hall  and the people in prison. Henry Winston was blinded in prison, wherein he
said he lost his sight but not his vision.

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