Re.: (Portuguese) FHC on murder of a landless protester: "A warning to Brazilian people"

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Sun Oct 22 00:57:21 MDT 2000

Estimador Nestor,
I ran the message you forwarded through a translation website, i.e.:
There are some obvious gaffs in the translation,
but the gist is there.  The "warning" is a warning indeed.
A warning that the President is insane.
But perhaps not in the context of his system...?
su compa,
Chris Brady



 The UEE, State Union of the Students, promoted during the Festival de
Inverno of Ouro Preto, a parallel festival, call of " Side B ". Was in
this side that the public had chance to participate of lectures that
tried to show " the other side " of the Brazilian question. It was in
the afternoon of day 13 of July, a thursday, that the most emotive (and
moved) debate happened, with the audience of the School of full
Farmácia. The subject was Literature, a Critical Vision of the Reality
". In the table, Ziraldo representing the Bundas magazine, Jose Eduardo,
representing the magazine the Word, Jose Carlos Rui, representing the
magazine Princípios and Jose Arbex Jr, the Expensive Friends. The route
of the lecture moved later that the publisher of the Word disclosed: " I
am of I fight, the Word finishes to lock up its activities ". Ziraldo
felt its stomach ache with more force, and Jose Arbex Jr distilled the
poison of one of the most discerning thinkers of Present-day Brazil.
With you, the intervention of Arbex Jr, in the complete one, without
cuts. Good appetite.

  " I thank to the invitation reviewed it Expensive Friends to come to
participate of the debate. I more confess that I had thought about one
another intervention, a little directed to the problems of literature,
etcetera. But after that I finished to hear here (mentioning to it death
of the magazine the Word) so irritated that I go to change the tone of
my intervention.

Yesterday to the night, I participated of an act of the MST, and in the
table he was Jose Celso, director of the Theater Workshop. Vocês must
know that the Workshop was one of the bastions of the resistance against
the military dictatorship. He was also João Peter Stédille one of the
controllers of the MST. and the act was made for the launching of a
special periodical of the MST, with drawing of 500 a thousand units,
that goes to be distributed in the entire country, whose function is to
denounce a systematic campaign of calumnies, lies and defamations that
the media comes promoting against the MST.

  One of the denunciations of the act, made for proper Jose Celso, it
has everything to see with what it finished to be said here. The
director of the Workshop denounced that the theater that was one of the
bastions of the fight against the dictatorship is being pressured for a
called group Sílvio Santos. They want to divide the Theater Workshop to
make a parking. He looks at, adding this with what it finished to speak
(Jose Eduardo divulging the death of the Word), vocês go to forgive me,
but VAIN FOR the PUTA THAT GIVE BIRTH It! (warm applauses).

Now I go to more say a little on the act of the MST, I forgive for I to
have changed the tone of the intervention. He is the following one. In
this periodical that the MST finished to launch if he makes an analysis
of that it is the Brazilian media. This periodical when denouncing what
it is today shows some things that are, at the very least,
esclarecedoras.No day two of May, had a bus, that it left the inward of
the Paraná, leading farmers, people of half age, workers of the land,
who had been if to reveal in Curitiba in defense of the agrarian reform.
In the way of the road it had a police barrier whose objective age to
hinder the bus to arrive the Curitiba. The farmers had been obliged to
go down of the bus, had been passed by a humilhante magazine. One of
them if rebelled, made a revolt gesture any, passed to be attacked. E
one gentleman of 38 years of age, father of five children, all they in
the school, worthy, diligent a citizen, honored, honest, called Mr.
Antonio Tavares Pereira, was to defend the friend who was played in the
soil being bitten by cachorros. It took a shot in abdome, died. Which
the reaction of ours loved president of the Republic? It declared public
that the death of this Sir had to serve of warning for the Brazilian
people. It wants to say, a father of five children, honored, honest, and
assassinated for the Military Policy and canalha that it is in the
presidency of the Republic, involved now in a scandal of corruption in a
hole without deep, this canalha says that the death of a worker is a
warning for the Brazilian nation, and what it makes the media? What had

I did not read an only editorial noticing that Sir had something strange
in the words it president of the Republic. Vi only artiguete of five
strings, not saying, " puta! This citizen tá threatening the Brazilian

Ziraldo: This because you do not read the Bundas) (laughs).

Except the Bundas... But I am not including the Bundas here. There you
can speak, " not, but this was a lapse there, the publishers had not
perceived what it happened... " It will be? Two days later, one called
Sir Jose Gregori, minister of Justice, expensive one that he fought for
the Human Rights, was of the Committee of Justice and Peace, this Jose
Gregori declared that the MST, when invading public building, had
practised attempted against. Who is the MST? The MST is today a movement
that have 150 a thousand seated families and 300 a thousand camped
families. Therefore when we say MST we are speaking in 450 a thousand
families. Therefore, in two million Brazilians. If a minister of Justice
accuses a movement with two million Brazilians to practise attempted
against, at the very least this minister has that to prove what it says.
Or then to fall outside, because it does not serve to represent the
Brazilian people.

What it made the midia? Charged of the minister Jose Gregori some test,
demanded that he presented evidences? In contrast: he reproduced its
words and he fell of wood in the MST in editorials. It was not enough to
this, a little later, there per day 13 or 14 of May, I do not remember
to right, the Fernandinho it was for São Paulo, so loved that it is of
the Brazilian people, and did not obtain to sleep in its house, because
it tried to enter and the building was surrounded of manifestants. It to
obtain to enter would have that to call the policy to exhaust the
manifestants. He did not want to run this consuming, was in the hotel.

  E it declared, surrounded of love that it is for the Brazilian people,
who would go to adopt against the MST the solution of " tolerance zero
". Sabe what it wants to say this term " tolerance zero "? It is the
term used for the policy of New Iorque against the gangs of mafioso,
narcotics traffickers, assailant and outlaws. The narcotics traffickers,
the outlaws. E what it makes the media of new if limits to reproduce
what it says the government. Therefore this is our media. It has more of
the one than this. Adopting a tolerance zero against the MST, or either,
against " this flock of terrorists who makes attempted against for there
", government FHC reconstructed the National Job of Information (SNI),
Job that it congregates all those dedicated ones to spy on, to expose
and to watch the ones that make opposition to the regimen of Mr. FHC.

 Therefore we live in a period where, with the connivance and complicity
of the media that not obstante if says democratic, Mr. president
declared war to the Brazilian people. E in name of this war is
reconstructing the apparatus of the military dictatorship. With the
connivance of a fascistóide media. She is this that is the truth, and
this truth has that to be said until the end, we are living yes Sir a
situation of civil war in this country. A not declared civil war, a
civil war that if practises in day-by-day. In full São Paulo avenue,
when professors go to disclose themselves for better wages, development
of the education and the culture, 38 people leave wounded. The policy
attacked with bombs and cavalry professors, who are fighting for better
wages! This is war! This is a pitched war. Yesterday in this act of the
MST we had notice of that the p.m., in action in the inward of the State
of São Paulo, invaded an encampment of the MST and compelled all the
women if to undress. Also ladies of 75 years of age This is war. This
excrement of this country this in a war situation. E what it makes the
media? What it makes the media? Canalha licks cu of this. This is the
truth. E is with this truth that we have that to deal. It is therefore
that I full changed my intervention when knowing of the end of the Word.
It does not give more to support this. Then he is obvious that ahead of
this picture here, people as the Ziraldo, reviewed as the Word, does not
have space. It does not interest another alternative. It does not
interest to have mass vehicle that says another different thing of that
it says the State of São Paulo, the Leaf of São Paulo, the Network
Globe. It does not interest. Worse of the one than not to interest: he
is dangerous.

 The question is: why they are of marking with the MST? For one ratio,
does not only have duas.Eles is not attacking the MST because they want
the agrarian reform. The MST wants agrarian reform since 89. They are
not attacking the MST because it is radix. They know that she is not.
They are attacking the MST today know for what!? Because the MST is
giving a " bad example ". It imagines if those that do not have ceiling,
if those that do not have school, if those that do not have job, start
if to organize in movements, they start to go it street and to occupy
public building. It imagines what it goes to happen in this country. E
they create this situation of terror against the MST there to hinder
that the evil example if repeats. Word is a bad example. It is clearly
that no entrepreneur goes to want to join itself to the bad example. We,
of the Expensive Friends, are knowing, of a friend ours that works in
advertising agency, that the owners of agencies had been warned by the
Federal Government. The government informed that it did not want
announcements in the Expensive Friends.

We made an agreement in Expensive Friends. Sabe which the agreement? No
collaborator of the magazine charges porra none to write. We do not gain
a tostão to write in Expensive Friends. What we make? We go accumulating
the debts. Expensive Friends must a money mount for me, for example. He
must for the Aloysio Biondi (nota:Biondi died in the following week, of
infarct). everybody that he writes in Expensive Friends accumulates
debts. If some day this porra not to emplacar, not to give certain, does
not go to pay the debts.

Se alguém dependesse da revista para sobreviver estava ferrado.  Essa
foi a única maneira que nós encontramos de viabilizar a publicação.

When we go to argue culture Brazilian, we pass for this situation
midiática, that it is this onslaught that the State makes against the
Brazilian nation, and cannot exist Brazilian culture without existing
Brazilian nation. What the Brazilian state is trying to make is to
destroy the nation. Then it is in the hour to defend the Brazilian
nation. If everybody that is here will be in agreement with me, goes to
start to react to defend the Brazilian nation.

To act in all the fields where let us can act. E in the measure where
each one can act, either making its jornalzinho in the school, either
participating of a bigger movement, either if directing to the MST in
day 14 and verifying where it is that it goes to be the distribution of
the periodical to help, either through the disseminação of information
saw Internet, either buying signature of Bundas; I do not know I eat, at
last, buying the Expensive Friends, evidently. He is in the hour to act,
is in the hour to occupy the square.

It does not have more than to wait, it finished, it arrives. We are
waiting more what!, citizen? To come the tractor of the multinational
that goes to buy the Cemig to destroy the vocês house? He is this? It is
hour to occupy the public square, is this that we have that to make.
Except of this, he looks at, he does not have Brazilian culture, he does
not have Brazilian nation, he does not have more nothing.

It only has an excrement.  Very obliged ".

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