American Exceptionalism (was Re: Forwarded from Anthony (GusHall & CPUSA))

David Welch david.welch at
Sat Oct 21 16:19:49 MDT 2000

On Sat, 21 Oct 2000, Jim Farmelant wrote:
> Would you say that this sort of exceptionalism is characteristic
> of settler states in general including not only the US but also
> South Africa and Israel?  In apartheid South Africa a similar
> "united front" existed between white capitalists and white
> workers & farmers, all of whom had an objective material stake
> in the displacement of native blacks from their lands and in their
> subsequent exploitation by whites.  And likewise in Israel there
> has long existed a united front between the Jewish bourgeoisie and
> the Jewish working class there.  Both classes have a material
> stake in the displacement and subordination of the Palestinians.
> (Too the extent that this is the case then the sloganeering by Trots
> and other leftists that Jewish and Arab workers should form a
> united front would seem be rather pointless).
Hang on, aren't the objective interests of workers in socialism? And to
the extent that racism supported South African capitalism in getting rid
of that too. I think there is a tendency to accept uncritically the
liberal/ultra-left idea that workers who support the right are doing so in
their own interests. For example US working class wages are fallen
significantly (in real terms) during the last decades, this suggests that
not only are imperialist superprofits not getting to the US working class
but that the effects of the crisis have been bourne by them too.

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