Gus Hall's CPUSA

Alan Maki alanmaki at
Sun Oct 22 12:12:01 MDT 2000

I find the vile attacks on Gus Hall coming from the capitalist controlled
media very offensive, although quite normal and to be expected... ie. New
York Times Obituary, etc.

However, I find such attacks coming from those who call themselves
"Marxists", socialists, communists and revolutionaries to be very offensive
and divisive. Gus Hall did more than most to promote socialism and
international working-class unity and paid a heavy price for his activity.

Furthermore, it is not "Gus Hall's Communist Party" as has been stated so
often since his recent death on this list. It is the Communist Party's (and
the working class') Gus Hall. Only very dishonest and decietful people would
continue to suggest otherwise. In my opinion the revolutionary movement has
lost one of its strongest and best voices. No amount of nitpicking can
change that.

As for the policies, strategy, tactics and history of the Communist Party
USA, those who disagree need not beat up on a dead man... have the courage
to place your views in the form of dialogue and debate with the living who I
am sure will be eager to answer.


Alan Maki

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>Subject: Gus Hall's CPUSA
>Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2000 10:18:58 -0400
> >>> chris_brady at 10/21/00 02:03AM >>>
>While Hall was jailed:
>20th Congress  Khruschev's speech about Stalin.
>Soviet tanks crushed Hungarian revolt.
>CPUSA lost 80% of its membership in a year.
>Many members [in California at least, said Dorothy Healy] were FBI
>agents.  Without their dues the Party might have gone bankrupt!
>Could they also have surreptitiously affected party policy, etc.?
>CB: Probably.
>Plus, FBI agents acting as prison guards probably practiced torcher type
>reeducation on Hall  and the people in prison. Henry Winston was blinded in
>prison, wherein he said he lost his sight but not his vision.

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