Debating slavery

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Sun Oct 22 15:13:30 MDT 2000

Mine wrote:
>Just a question. Given strong defense of Brenner by secret admirers of
>Brenner and Analytical Marxism on this list, can somebody *briefly*
>summarize to me, without engaging in a lot of graduate student material
>and secondary sources, his views on slavery and so called American

As somebody who has read just about everything that Brenner has ever
written (I have a morbid fascination with his kind of schematic Marxism), I
can't recall that he has written much about American history. This should
come as no surprise since he is an academic specialist in 16th and 17th
century England. That's how he makes his money, so to speak. The one time
he departed from his speciality was to write about the worldwide financial
crisis of the 1990s, except that he forgot about all the underdeveloped
countries. I suppose he didn't want to be tagged as a mushy-headed MR
"third worldist". Brenner's keen awareness of imperialism has no doubt
helped him formulate the excellent ATC editorials supporting the Kosovar
freedom fighters and Australian intervention into East Timor. For some
reason I can't explain, the fuzzy-thinking world systems people kept
managing to write powerful critiques of imperialism in the Balkans. I guess
they woke up in an anti-imperialist mood those mornings.

Louis Proyect
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