Brenner Redux (was Re: Russell R. Menard on Eric Williams)

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Sun Oct 22 22:51:05 MDT 2000

> >Guilt by association! Brenner is a Genovese-symp! Very logical.
>Did I send this to PEN-L by mistake? Sorry about that. I meant to reply to
>Yoshie only on the Marxism list but deleted the wrong address when replying.
>Louis Proyect

Well, why not here as well?  I just picked up _The General Crisis of
the Seventeenth Century_, eds. Geoffrey Parker and Lesley M. Smith,
New York: Routledge, 1997; and _The Oxford History of the British
Empire, Vol. 2, The Eighteenth Century_, ed. P. J. Marshall.  Both
were on sale.  I haven't read them, though -- anyone here who has
read them?  Criticisms?

I've got at hand Brenner's "The Origins of Capitalist Development,"
_The Brenner Debate_, Brenner's _Merchants and Revolution_, Jim
Blaut's e-mail present to me, Jim's _Eight Eurocentric Historians_,
Alan Carling's "Analytical Marxism and Historical Materialism: The
Debate on Social Evolution" (Jim Farmelant's recommendation to me),
Michael Perelman's _The Invention of Capitalism_, Dimitris
Milokakis's "Prelude to the Genesis of Capitalism: The Dynamics of
the Feudal Mode of Production," Michael Postan's review of Witold
Kula in _New Left Review_, Massimo De Angelis's "Marx's Theory of
Primitive Accumulation: a Suggested Reinterpretation," and lots of
other stuff.  Ready for a good debate!  Except that I've got tons of
student papers to mark!


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