Answering the Brenner thesis

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Mon Oct 23 12:55:09 MDT 2000

>The question is how so aberrant a system of capitalism could appear in the
>place. After it appeared and established itself in one area, there is nothing
>mysterious about its appearance elsewhere. Your citing of Germany and
Japan is
>proof positive that you neither know nor want to know what others are
trying to
>say. A post that begins in this way can't be relevant to the argument
before us.

I am afraid you missed my point. I cite Japan and Germany in order to
buttress the point that capitalism arose in the British Empire as a
combination of free and bonded labor. The plantations in Jamaica served the
same purpose as the feudal estates in the Japanese countryside 2 centuries
later: to finance capital accumulation.

Louis Proyect
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