Debating slavery: Marx's discussion

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> Jim Farmelant wrote:
> > >However, there are some significant differences between western
> > >>Europe and Latin America in this regard.
> The real difference is that Latin America was a western colony, France
> was not.
> What about Monreo doctrine in your discussion? Does
> conservative/liberal clash make sense in Latin America? (let alone it
> does not make any sense in the US).

A very apt point indeed. Take Mexico, for instance, where a hard core
Conservative and Catholic such as Lucas Alamán understood that it was
necessary to defend domestic manufacture from US competition, while a
liberal and progressive minded such as Benito Juárez (none the less!)
was of the opinion that free trade was the best that could happen to
the Mexican people.

In Argentina, 19th century, the peasant masses of the Inland country
and _some_ of their leaders may have looked "conservative" but they
gave their own lives to keep the country independent and free from
the invasion of foreign manufactures, while the vile merchants of
Buenos Aires port looked "liberal" and modern.

I would add that the brutish peasants who followed Luther must have
looked "conservative" when compared with the munificent patrons of
arts and beauty at the Vatican.

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