Debating slavery: Marx's discussion

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I agree Nestor. Or take the example of Peron. He nationalized the industry
and emphasized the need to protect domestic economy from foreign domination.
He was neither a liberal nor a conservative, but a progressive nationalist,
whom according to liberal bias would be categorized as conservative.
Liberal/conservative dichotomy implies a danger of preserving the status quo
in _imperialized_ countries.


Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky wrote:

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> > Jim Farmelant wrote:
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> > > >However, there are some significant differences between western
> > > >>Europe and Latin America in this regard.
> >
> > The real difference is that Latin America was a western colony, France
> > was not.
> >
> > What about Monreo doctrine in your discussion? Does
> > conservative/liberal clash make sense in Latin America? (let alone it
> > does not make any sense in the US).
> >
> >
> A very apt point indeed. Take Mexico, for instance, where a hard core
> Conservative and Catholic such as Lucas Alamán understood that it was
> necessary to defend domestic manufacture from US competition, while a
> liberal and progressive minded such as Benito Juárez (none the less!)
> was of the opinion that free trade was the best that could happen to
> the Mexican people.
> In Argentina, 19th century, the peasant masses of the Inland country
> and _some_ of their leaders may have looked "conservative" but they
> gave their own lives to keep the country independent and free from
> the invasion of foreign manufactures, while the vile merchants of
> Buenos Aires port looked "liberal" and modern.
> I would add that the brutish peasants who followed Luther must have
> looked "conservative" when compared with the munificent patrons of
> arts and beauty at the Vatican.
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