Debating slavery: Marx's discussion

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> Nestor,
> The slave-labor system was not a subsistence-based economic system but
> was part of the world capitalist economy. Slave-labor existed
> side-by-side with wage-labor. Elimination of a form of property in a
> capitalist economy does not constitute a social revolution. Private
> property remained central to the South after emancipation. Your point
> about an amendment to the constitution concerning wage-labor is
> irrelevant because wage-laborers are not property; on this aspect of
> the character of slave-labor you are mixing apples and oranges.

Not at all. I am afraid you should not go for oranges to the shop,
because they would sell you apples and you would not notice ;)

If I am not wrong, the specific way in which excedent is retained by
the ruling class is what defines a social system. Unless you explain
me that extraction of excedent by means of the wage system is the
same thing as extraction of excedent by slavery, I will keep my low
definition as to your abilities on fruit...

Will go on further, but not today. Too busy.

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